Vehicle Shipping

Amerijet International, Inc. offers many options for international vehicle shipping, including both air and ocean cargo shipping options. There are choices for both personal and commercial vehicle shipping to destinations around the world, making it simple and streamlined to ship all of your vehicles with Amerijet. Commercial Shipments Vehicle shipping can be accomplished using ocean services when sending large numbers of vehicles overseas. To arrange for shipping, you will want to choose one of the domestic ports nearest to you. Amerijet can provide pick up services for vehicle shipping as needed. Your vehicles will be loaded onto cargo ships that can transport your entire shipment to its destination. If you have a smaller shipment of vehicles or just one vehicle, Amerijet can provide you with shipping solutions that meet your needs. For less than a container load, such as when shipping one car, you will also have the option of filling up the container with other items bound for the same destination. Amerijet can provide information for shipping vehicles to the Caribbean, South America, Central America, The Middle East and Europe. Amerijet’s customer service staff will be able to assist you with all of your shipping documentation. It is also recommended to purchase additional shipping insurance for your vehicles. Your regular vehicle insurance will not cover the transportation of your vehicle. Air Transport If you need to ship your vehicles to their international destination quickly, then you may want to consider Amerijet’s air cargo shipping options. This option can make vehicle shipping quick and easy. Items can be shipped to all of Amerijet’s international destinations, and assistance will be provided to complete the necessary imports and exports documentation for your cars. Air transport is also available for shipping personal vehicles. Remember that vehicles should be shipped independently of all other items. For example, the car cannot be used for storage during shipping, even though other items can be included on the same air or ocean cargo shipment.

Date: 8/19/2009

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