Shipping to Mexico

Shipping to Mexico using Amerijet International, Inc. is one of the simplest ways to send any type of commodity over the border. With several different shipping options, including ocean and air cargo shipping, you will find that your items can be shipped within your own personal budget and time constraints. Shipping Fragile Goods When shipping to Mexico, you may find that some of your commodities need special care. Amerijet offers both refrigerated and frozen shipping options for goods that are perishable. You can also choose chilled storage for your shipment. There are many types of commodities that can be shipped using these options, including foods, flowers and biological matter, such as seedlings and hazardous materials that need to be shipped in a consistent temperature. Some commodities need to be shipped quickly. Amerijet offers expedited shipping to several destinations in Mexico using their air cargo shipping option. All goods that are sent using the expedited service are given handling and loading priority, ensuring that your shipment will be on the next possible flight to Mexico. Cargo Shipping Options Cargo shipping using an ocean liner is also an option when you choose Amerijet. This is an excellent option for shipping to Mexico when you need to send an extra large shipment of goods, or when you need to move your personal items overseas. You are able to ship non-containerized goods, single shipments or an entire container to any port in Mexico. If you are shipping to Mexico and need special care, Amerijet can offer a wide selection of shipping solutions that meet the needs of your business. When you need the right shipping option for both large and small shipments, Amerijet can provide the options that make shipping to Mexico simple.

Date: 7/10/2009

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