The Best in Customer Service – How Amerijet Beats Their Competitors and Builds Customer Loyalty

The Best in Customer Service – How Amerijet Beats Their Competitors and Builds Customer Loyalty

DATE: 09/13/18

If you frequently use air freight shipping for your business, you know how important strong customer service is. Chances are you’ve also come to expect your air freight provider will be able to demonstrate expertise in every aspect of shipping.

The Best in Customer Service: How Amerijet Beats Their Competitors and Builds Customer Loyalty

If you frequently use air freight shipping for your business, you know how important strong customer service is.  Chances are you’ve also come to expect your air freight provider will be able to demonstrate expertise in every aspect of shipping.

With more than four decades of experience, the team at Amerijet International Airlines has that kind of proven expertise and demonstrated ability to handle every aspect of cargo shipping. But more importantly, Amerijet also ensures that our standards for excellent customer service are second to none.

“Our mission statement is to assist our customers, to ensure they have the best experience ever with us,” said Jorge A. Cereceda, manager of Amerijet’s Customer Service Department.

Amerijet has been able to build the loyalty of their customers, he said, “by answering them on time, by being accurate in our answers, by keeping customers informed, by being honest. We are here to assist you and we are going to find a solution for you.”

At Amerijet, we train our customer service agents to be experts in shipping, so they can provide you with reliable, knowledgeable, dependable and friendly service whenever you need it.  Amerijet’s customer service agents, Cereceda noted, are extensively trained to answer any questions the customer might have, to be courteous, accessible and friendly, and most of all, to quickly find solutions for them.

That’s the difference Amerijet makes when it comes to going the extra mile to ensure our handling of your shipping needs is not only one the customer remembers, but one that convinces them to entrust all their future shipments with us.

How Does Amerijet Ensure Top Customer Service?

Amerijet has a program called STAR, which provides monthly Service Awards in recognition of employees who deliver the highest standard-level of exceptional customer service.  Awards are given to several employees each month who demonstrate what the STAR acronym represents. It stands for the elements of Amerijet’s service standards: Smile – Take Initiative – Act with vision in mind – Respect.

“It’s a very important program to our company,” Cereceda said. “STAR guides us every day on how we interact with our customers.”

The program, Cereceda noted, exemplifies how well trained Amerijet’s agents are, and how they remain committed to providing the company’s customers with a memorable “wow” experience.

“We established that program to ensure we communicate with the customers effectively,” he said.  “All employees have the same standards.”

The key attributes that any customer should consider when grading an air freight agent’s customer service is exactly what the Amerijet team offers, Cerceda noted.

That includes being knowledgeable about shipping services, being fully trained on every aspect of the shipping industry and having the ability to answer every question the customer has.

Amerijet’s agents can also provide assistance on a host of tasks, including completing the required documentation needed for shipping, labeling your shipment properly, and instructing customer on packaging it correctly.

Amerijet’s customer service agents are committed to ensuring your shipment is prepared properly so it can reach its destination safely and on time.

As one of the leading air freight carriers, Amerijet offers excellent customer service to everyone who contacts us.

That’s because our agents are tirelessly professional, eager to find a solution for your needs, and committed to going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction at all levels of service.

“In my experience, the most important thing is listening,” Cereceda said. “Listening makes a difference to customers.”

What Services Can the Customer Service Agents Provide?

Our customer service agents provide different services for customers, starting with making reservations and booking shipments for them. Tracking agents can assist customers who want to know the status of their cargo every step of the way.

The agents also offer specialized services, including assisting customers with international shipments that require different documentation, filling out documentation for any hazardous materials needed to be shipped, and informing them of the insurance Amerijet provides for each shipment.

“We have an insurance program here,” Cereceda notes. “The customer tells us what they are shipping, and we can insure the vast majority of the cargo. We also tell them why it’s important to have.”

Cereceda said the customer service agents also do their best to find the most affordable solution for their customers’ shipping needs.

“We always give them the lowest rate possible,” he said.

And if the customer comes to Amerijet looking for assistance, “We all as a team get together to find a solution,” he said. “We have that team attitude here.”

In addition to the call center, Amerijet also has a dedicated person who promptly answers customers’ emails.

It’s that kind of service, Cereceda said, that makes a big difference for their customers.

“We make sure our agents are trained properly, and that everybody has a good attitude,” he said. “We make sure they are always courteous and listen to the customer.”

His team is also bilingual and capable of assisting customers on all international shipments.

“We need to make sure that our customer service agents can communicate with customers who speak in their own country language,” he said. “We are able to communicate with them in writing as well.”

Where is Customer Service Heading in the Future?

Cereceda said he expects more customers to start booking their shipments online, using Amerijet’s free MyCargo account on the company’s website,  The MyCargo accounts allow customers to track every movement of their cargo.

“We live in an age of technology,” Cereceda said. “Today, customers are expecting online tracking.”

He noted that Amerijet’s new website allows customers to take advantage of opportunities for self-service, and to submit documents electronically for their convenience.

“Amerijet has been a pioneer in many of these new technologies,” he said. “Customers can make reservations from their own computer systems. We adopt to new times and new technology.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Cereceda said he expects more transactions to be conducted online, but he believes that Amerijet will be fully prepared for that challenge and a leader in successfully managing it.


Whenever you need help or have a question, Amerijet’s customer service agents are eager to help you find a solution; whether it be questions about shipping services or assistance completing documentation for your shipment. Whatever the issue is, our customer service agents will make sure you get the service you expect and are fully satisfied with how we helped.

The bottom line is that Amerijet strives to be the very best at delivering first-rate customer service. We understand our customers’ needs and are here to help you find the best and most affordable solution.

Amerijet also has stations in major metropolitan areas across the United States, in addition to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South Amerijet and worldwide. That’s part of our commitment to providing all of our customers with the best service possible.

And through our new website, we’ve made it convenient for you to book shipments online through our MyCargo accounts.

To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at 1-877-265-0358 or 305-506-2992, or email us at

Visit our website and open a MyCargo Account. You can feel secure in knowing your packages are on the way.

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