Start thinking now about early holiday shipping preparations with Amerijet

Start thinking now about early holiday shipping preparations with Amerijet

DATE: 10/10/17

Start thinking now about early holiday shipping preparations with Amerijet

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season. Gone are the days when people did all their holiday shopping at the last minute. In the digital age, the youngest shoppers start researching the gifts they want to buy months in advance. Consumer behavior has changed from even a decade ago. Many people conclude that the months of November and December are just too hectic to attempt all their shopping then.

Studies also indicate that the youngest shoppers may not do all their buying online. During the holidays, these young shoppers are more likely to visit the physical store. That means your business needs to be certain that it’s fully stocked in advance of the holiday season.

The holidays are almost here and before you know it, Christmas will be just days away. Now is the time to start planning for it, so you’re not stuck scrambling to meet consumer demand.

The same is true if you’re a consumer planning to send out gifts to your friends and family across the world.

Amerijet offers early holiday shipping to worldwide destinations. That includes hot spots across the Caribbean, such as Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Dominica, and Grenada.

Careful planning now can ensure happy holidays for everyone.

And that’s particularly true this year for anyone who is planning to make personal effects or general cargo shipments to the Caribbean, and in particular to Puerto Rico. There will likely be a much higher number of shipments made to the island in the next few months.

Why is early shipping important?

If you run a business and the holiday season is one of the most important times for you, it’s crucial to make sure you’re fully prepared before the holiday rush begins.

If you’re a consumer who has a list of family members that you need to ship packages to, you’re in the same situation. Either way, you don’t want to take on that last-minute stampede that you know happens every year.
Not convinced? Here are some statistics to consider about the holiday shopping – and shipping – season.

· Up to 40 percent of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year. (Courtesy of the National Retail Federation).

· 55 percent of consumers expect to visit stores on shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. (Accenture).

· 40 percent of consumers begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. (National Retail Foundation)

· Nearly half of marketers expect to launch a holiday marketing campaign before Halloween. (Experian).

Studies indicate that a growing number of consumers are researching gifts before they head out to do their holiday shopping, so they will know exactly what they’re looking for and where to find it. And at the same time, ShopperTrak reports that 90 percent of U.S. retail sales are expected to occur in brick and mortar stores.

Holiday shopping isn’t just on Black Friday anymore. It would appear that more and more consumers are ready to shop early; if you run a business, are you ready for that?

And if you’re a consumer, do you fully understand just how much competition you’re going to face if you decide to mail your packages at the last minute?

What can Amerijet offer you during the holiday season?

There are a range of benefits you get by taking advantage of the early holiday shipping options offered by Amerijet. That includes huge savings by doing this, at a time of year when it comes in handy. Visit Amerijet to learn about coupon savings specials.

The earlier you ship your item, the higher the guarantee that your package arrives on time. Keep in mind that the holiday season is the busiest times of year for shipping. Waiting too long to send out your holiday shipments is risky, and it’s possible they might not reach their destination in time.

Early holiday shipping, on the other hand, ensures everything arrives in time.

And let’s face it, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time, with a shopping list in hand and crowds to fight at the malls. As if the holiday shopping season isn’t frantic enough, the last thing you need is to be dealing with shipping concerns as well. Early holiday shipping is a great way to relieve your stress level.

Whether you’re a small business that needs to ship orders to customers or an individual sending gifts to loved ones, it’s time to start planning for holiday shipping. If you wait until the last minute, you risk your shipments not reaching their destination on time. Simply put, the earlier you start planning, the easier things will be.

Planning ahead means it’s important to find a shipping company that can handle all your deliveries, and that includes a company with a proven track record of reliable – and timely — holiday shipping deliveries.

It’s also important to find a shipping company with:

· A broad service area that they cover;
· The ability to handle all types of commodities;
· Affordable rates;
· The ability to offer estimated delivery times.

Planning ahead also means getting your packages ready for shipping as early as possible to avoid the holiday rush. Ask your shipping company for estimated delivery times so you know when you need to ship something so it reaches its destination before Christmas.

This is critical for small businesses owners and managers who don’t want to find themselves fulfilling last minute customer orders in December, a notoriously busy month for shipping products. It’s also a time when there are a lot risks for delays, including:

· winter weather conditions;
· traffic control aircraft re-routes;
· holiday observances that reduce company manpower.

Even a small delay can mean a hit to a company’s bottom line.

Amerijet has decades of experience meeting the demands of small businesses– from pickup to delivery, and that includes during the busy holiday season. Amerijet plans ahead to ensure your customers are served with care, precision and speed.

In December alone, the company scales up its staffing, operates additional flights and extends drop-off and receiving hours. Amerijet is the first choice of many small business shippers because of this proactive planning.
By using the experienced team at Amerijet, small businesses preparing shipping during the holidays don’t need to worry about the reliability of last minute deliveries. Amerijet has a proven track record of fast and efficient deliveries.

Amerijet also safely ships your food items

It’s a popular trend during the holiday season to ship baked goods, sweets, and other foods to loved ones across the world. Sharing the tastes of home with family and friends who live thousands of miles apart is a tradition during the holidays.

Of course, food items are perishables, meaning they require a delicate handling. You want everything you send to arrive safely – and fresh.

Since that means you need to package your perishables very carefully, it helps to find an experienced perishable shipping company to help guide you through this process.

That means you want to work with a shipping company that’s been handling perishable shipments for years, and have chilled storage at their transit points to keep your perishables safe.

Amerijet can guide you through the many special shipping containers that are made for transporting perishable goods, and how the right insulated container will help keep your tasty treats nice and cool on their journey.

Another important tip: if possible, use dry ice, which can help keep your product cold until it reaches its destination. However, there are numerous regulations about using dry ice in your shipments, and Amerijet can assist you with that as well.

Amerijet offers perishable shipping for all types of perishable items throughout the holiday season — and all year long. Our experienced team has the equipment to get your perishables delivered safely and on time.


If you’re planning to make shipments during the holidays, now is good time to start making plans. The process of booking a shipment is simple. The first step is to utilize Amerijet’s user-friendly and secure MyCargo Account page, which enables customers to create their own account with Amerijet. You can use the account to quickly book, pay or track items online. Customers can also choose between general or expedited shipping, and Amerijet offers pickup and deliver throughout most of its service region.

At Amerijet, our customer service experts know how to provide multiple service options on shipments. They also recognize that each cargo shipment is unique and have experience moving freight in a variety of ways. This is all about meeting your specific needs.

December is one of the busiest shipping seasons. Start planning your shipments today, with the confidence of a very fast turnaround on delivery.

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