Shipping food and parts for sailing regattas requires an experienced transporter like Amerijet

Shipping food and parts for sailing regattas requires an experienced transporter like Amerijet

DATE: 12/12/17

Shipping food and parts for sailing regattas requires an experienced transporter like Amerijet

Sailing is a popular pastime for millions of people, but sailing regattas are a particularly hot attraction in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico around this time of year, thanks to the tropical climate in this region.

In fact, the regatta season lasts year-round, with dozens of events held annually throughout the Caribbean islands – many of these events are long-standing traditions that attract fleets of yachts in all sizes.

It’s also a busy time for parts suppliers who need to ship items to the Caribbean for those participating in the regattas; they need a reliable transporter to ensure their shipments arrive on time.

Many of the participants come from all around the world. They travel from England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, the U.S., Australia and France to take part in the thrill of competitive, high-performance yacht racing in crystal-clear waters with consistent warm trade winds.

Many of them have formed partnerships over the years with Amerijet, knowing we provide them with reliable and fast service for all their shipments.

Shipping to South America is truly made easy by Amerijet, we have decades of experience providing safe, fast and reliable air cargo transportation services for your commercial and personal shipments.

How can Amerijet help those in sailing regattas?

The Dominican Republic, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Grenada, and Dominica all host sailing regattas. Depending on the type of racing event being held, entrants sail everything from dinghies and catamarans to super-fast yachts and large monohulls. For example, the British Virgin Island’s Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is one of the region’s largest events, attracting more than 100 international crews who compete as they race around Tortola Island.

Both yacht lovers and speedboat enthusiasts alike look forward to spending these days offshore, and for many of them, the Caribbean remains a favored destination.

At this time of year, it’s also common for spare parts, sails and supplies like food and clothing to get shipped to the sailing regatta host locations from the U.S. and Europe. It’s easy to ensure that those shipments arrive safely and on time at the many destinations that Amerijet serves. Some shippers also opt to order supplies for one of their future stops, knowing those items will be waiting for them at their next regatta destination.

Those shipping mechanical parts, including ones that could be considered hazardous material, to oversized shipments such as sailing masts or deck supplies have also come to rely on the all-cargo carrier service that Amerijet provides for regular and expedited shipments.

Amerijet the right choice for your shipments

Anyone who needs items for their boat shipped to the Caribbean can rely on the Amerijet team. Shipping to South America often includes large commercial shipments; for extra large shipments of goods, companies and individuals often decide to pre-schedule their departure date so Amerijet can ensure their goods are at the departure port within the timeframe they want.

Amerijet can also provide tracking services when shipping to South America. Open a MyCargo account on the Amerijet website and you can get shipping quotes, make reservations, and also track your shipment as it moves overseas. All you need to do is check the Amerijet website with your tracking number.

Amerijet is the only air cargo company serving the entire Caribbean with scheduled flights. Amerijet also offers competitive shipping rates for regular and express service, which is why electronics distributors, retailers and importers have come to rely on them for air freight transporting.

Freight forwarders turn to Amerijet International because we offer shipping services to more than 625 destinations worldwide including many leading destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America. And when your shipments can’t wait, we offer General Cargo Express for next-available-flight service. Our team offers services that include pick-up, customs clearance and world-class security procedures.

Helpful tips for boat owners headed for a sailing regatta

If you’re a boat owner, chances are you don’t mind having less living space and perhaps love minimalism. But with less space, it’s important that you know what supplies to bring with you and what supplies to leave at home.

Consider some of these essential accessories for your Marine adventures, including:

Remember that Amerijet offers expedited shipments to the Caribbean, and we’re known to provide customs clearance and delivery for many of the large marine suppliers. The most common Caribbean ports include Antigua, Barbados, Puerto Rico, St Lucia and St. Maarten; perishable shipments, oversized boat masts, motors and repair parts can all be delivered to these destinations.

Whether you’re cruising the Caribbean in a superyacht or a powerboat, another important tip is to remember that insurance on shipped items is crucial. But we’ve got you covered – Amerijet offers full insurance on all cargo shipped with us.

Also keep in mind that while popular cruising grounds like St. Lucia or Grenada are fantastic places to shop, dine and soak in the local culture, they can also be challenging destinations to find spare parts for your boat or perishable food supplies – and when you do, these necessities can be quite expensive. As a boat owner, it makes more sense to order supplies from the U.S. and have them delivered to the port. You can also provision your own boat by selecting the food you want, then saving money by ordering in bulk.

Many e-commerce retailers will partner with air freight companies like Amerijet to deliver perishable or dry goods shipments directly to your next port of call.


If you’re planning to take part in a sailing regatta in the Caribbean and need to have items shipped to your destination port, Amerijet has decades of experience transporting shipments to locations throughout that region. If you need to order new boat parts, safety gear or perishable food supplies, and want to have those supplies shipped directly to you at your next port, call Amerijet today.

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