Sending Items by Barrel Shipping is Made Easier With Amerijet

Sending Items by Barrel Shipping is Made Easier With Amerijet

DATE: 05/07/19

There are a lot of reasons why barrel shipping provides an excellent option for all kinds of products, due to their extreme durability. Learn more.

That’s why Amerijet International Airlines, a leading provider of multi-modal cargo shipping solutions, offers commercial barrel shipping services to destinations across the globe, giving commercial shippers the ability to take advantage of an economical and practical solution for shipping their goods.

Since Amerijet offers regularly scheduled daily weekday flights to many Caribbean destinations, your barrel shipments get a speedy delivery. Our customers are able to use barrels to pack and ship a range of items, including food products, liquids, bulk items and even hazardous materials.

Barrel shipping is an excellent option for both hazmat and non-hazmat items. These large containers can be packed efficiently and effectively, offering a safe, cost-effective method of sending many items to destinations worldwide.

Why Is Barrel Shipping an Effective Method for Transport?

Barrels have come a long way from the days when a wooden “aging barrel” was used to age wine and distilled spirits like whiskey or rum. In fact, these early wooden casks were not used for transport as much as storing items that ranged from gunpowder to fish, beer, meat, and other products.

Those early casks were bound with wooden hoops, but eventually got replaced by stronger metal hoops. Today, those cylindrical containers are considerably more durable than the original wooden ones.

It’s that strength that’s made the use of barrels the ideal shipping method for so many, a reliable choice. Today, you have plenty of different options available for meeting your shipping needs, from what to package goods in, to selecting the right shipping company.

Considering all possible choices and selecting the correct method of shipping is going to ensure your products arrive safe, sound, and on schedule. And sending your goods via barrel shipping could be the best choice.

When considering a shipping method, cost and location are both key factors. A lot of people send barrel shipments to the Caribbean and other overseas locations because it’s an economical, cost-effective way to handle an international shipment.

But you also want to be certain that what you’re shipping gets delivered safely, which means the method used to package and send items has a big impact on whether your shipment arrives intact–or whether what you’re sending gets damaged along the way.

Barrels are a reliably solid receptacle for shipping. Because of the way barrels are made, these containers won’t get easily damaged or destroyed along the way, and they provide protection for your items during the shipping process. Using a barrel, you can feel assured that your items will be delivered to their destination in one piece.

Barrel containers are also popular because of their size. What you’re getting is a large container that can be efficiently packed and filled with goods, which is why so many see it as the most appropriate method of shipping. The size and shape of the barrel allows you to pack quite a lot into it, eliminating the worry about whether you can fit everything that needs to be shipped into one container. And you’re free of worry about it being damaged.

In fact, there are multiple reasons why barrel shipping is the best choice, including:

Barrel shipping is a practical way to ship a wide variety of commodities, from bulk dry goods to liquids. All you need to do is pack the barrel with your freight, and a shipping company can transport it to its destination, whether domestic or international. And air freight shipping is the fastest and most convenient method to have your barrels shipped to across the world.

Even better, you have the option of using express air shipping services when you really need a shipment delivered quickly.

And if you have decided that barrel shipping is the right choice for you, the next step is to choose the right shipping company to transport your barrels.

And what you need to find is a shipping company that has:

To ensure your barrel shipment is successful, it’s essential that you select the right shipping company.

Why Is Barrel Shipping with Amerijet the Right Choice?

Shipping with Amerijet is an economical solution for your shipping needs. And our experienced team can help direct you on the best ways to pack the barrel.

If you have large quantities of goods that need to be delivered to a friend, relative or loved one in another country or across the nation, barrel shipping may be the smartest choice, but it’s important that you pack your barrel carefully.

That’s why you need to choose the right shipping company.  Not all cargo transport companies:

Have experience with barrel shipments .

Amerijet has the experienced team, tools and resources to deliver your shipments. Our team can work with you when it comes time to get your barrel packed and ready–to avoid bulky or awkward packaging. There are smart ways to strategically pack your barrels.

That means putting the most breakable items in the center of the barrel and surrounding them with items that are not prone to breakage.

You also want to be extra careful in the way you package food items, and to determine how best to keep different items in separate locations within the barrel for the best results.

With the assistance and guidance of our experienced team, you’ll find that barrel shipping is a safe, economical way to ship a number of goods. Barrels offer added protection, and they’re convenient to transport.

Amerijet has other advantages. We have a broad service network with stations across the globe, enabling our customers to enjoy reliable, timely service to just about anywhere for their barrel shipments.

Our team can also help you understand the customs requirements at your destination country. You may need to have an inventory of the items inside the barrel to pass customs. At Amerijet, we can work with you to plan ahead once you start packaging your shipment.

Just as important to consider is that commercial shippers can enjoy low rates, excellent service, and a range of resources by becoming a registered MyCargo account holder with Amerijet. Your free MyCargo account enables you to access tools for getting quotes, calculating costs, insuring shipments, tracking shipments and more.


Amerijet offers a full range of shipping services designed to meet all of your needs. Amerijet’s cargo tracking service is also important, since you can track your shipments with us. Through your Amerijet MyCargo Account, you have the ability to track your cargo shipments 24/7, maintain your peace of mind, and use barrel shipping to get your items where they need to go, quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions, call Amerijet today at 1-800-927-6059.

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