Rule No 1: Applicability of Tariff

Rule No 1: Applicability of Tariff

DATE: 02/16/21

  1. General
    1. This tariff, including all rules, regulations and charges published herein, will apply to the carriage of cargo, including all services incidental thereto, performed by or on behalf of Amerijet International, Inc.
    2. Currency of Publication: Rates and charges named in this tariff are published in U.S. currency.
    3. Nothing in this tariff modifies or waives any provisions of the Warsaw Convention/Hague Protocol/Montreal Protocol No. 4/Montreal Convention (from hereon referred to as the Convention).
  2. Change without Notice
    • This tariff and the rates and charges published herein are subject to change without notice, except to the extent otherwise provided by applicable law or government regulations or order; provided, however, that no such change shall apply to a contract of carriage after the date of issuance of the Air Waybill by Carrier.
  3. Effective Rules
    • All carriage of cargo governed by this tariff shall be subject to Carrier’s rules, regulations and tariffs in effect on the date of receipt of the shipment by Carrier.
  4. Gratuitous Carriage
    • With respect to gratuitous carriage, the Carrier may exclude the application of all or any part of this tariff.

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