Large Parcel International Shipping Amerijet Ships Your Packages

Large Parcel International Shipping Amerijet Ships Your Packages

DATE: 08/08/19

When your business’ needs to cross international borders a multitude of complexities arises. Even the process of large parcel international shipping can be hard.

When your business’ needs to cross international borders, a multitude of complexities may arise, from dealing with language barriers to figuring out the correct papers to send. Even the process of large parcel international shipping can seem like a totally foreign experience.

Therefore, you need an experienced international shipper to handle your goods. At Amerijet, we know what it takes to get your packages or pallet to your destination uncompromised and on time, no matter where you’re shipping to.

Your large parcel shipping needs can’t be left to just anybody. Here are some key things to do that’ll help your business successfully navigate customs regulations and procedures and avoid international shipping delays.

Always Provide Proper Documentation

This is the number one issue that’ll guarantee that your parcel shipment gets delayed. The single most important thing that you need when shipping to any country is the proper documentation. When you ship your large parcel through Amerijet, we make sure that all the paperwork is filled out correctly so that you do not have issues when going through customs.

The document most commonly used when shipping internationally from the U.S. is called a commercial invoice. It contains all the information customs needs about the shipper, the receiver, and an itemized list of the items being shipped.

To make large parcel international shipping easier, choose an experienced international shipping partner who will help you select and fill out the proper documentation. To find all of the documentation you’ll need, visit our document library and if you need assistance filling them out, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Amerijet Transportation Consultant.

Understand The Destination Country’s Shipping Requirements

Every country has its own set of laws and regulations you’ll need to follow when shipping into their country. Do you want to ship pallets to the Caribbean? Barrels to Mexico? Or large parcels to South America? Keep in mind that many countries have specific weight and size limits, depending on the shipment mode you use, and exceeding them is one of the most common reasons a shipment may get delayed. Double check regulations before you ship anything to ensure that your package(s) gets there without issues or delays.

And as we mentioned before, large parcel international shipping to some nations will require proper documentation, like a commercial invoice. You may also have to provide unique documentation and fees to government agencies, such as the country’s equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, depending on what you’re shipping.

Properly List Everything That You’re Shipping

One of the most common reasons international shipments are held in customs is because of inaccurate or incomplete descriptions of goods on the commercial invoice. That’s why it is crucial that you fill out that section correctly and completely.

Before you ship, ask yourself:

These are the types of questions that customs will be asking so cut them off at the pass and fill out the invoice correctly the first go-around.

To make things even easier for customs, you could even include the Harmonized Tariff codes, if available, for the parcels you’re shipping. These are the standard codes for international reference for classifying products for customs duty and clearance. Every country around the world has agreed to use these tariff codes.

Amerijet Offers Large Parcel International Shipping

To help ensure shipping accuracy with minimal to no delays, entrust an experienced shipper like Amerijet to get your goods where they need to go.

Amerijet goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel secure shipping with us. That’s why we offer electronic in-transit updates, online shipment tracking, individual account management, 24/7 security and surveillance, and more.

Choosing a shipping provider experienced in international shipping can be the difference between a good shipping experience and a bad one fraught with delays.

To learn more about large parcel international shipping with Amerijet contact us, get a quick shipping quote, or set up a MyCargo account.

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