How to Save Money on Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is the easiest way to get your vehicle to far away destinations. Since 1979, Amerijet has been a leader in the car shipping industry, shipping thousands of vehicles to destinations across the world. Keep reading to find out the secrets to saving money on vehicle shipping. • Consider shipping by ocean—If you aren’t working against a tight deadline, consider shipping your vehicle by ocean. It will take a little longer to arrive at its destination than it would with air shipping, but it will cost considerably less. Amerijet’s sister company I.T.N. Consolidators offers ocean freight vehicle shipping services to meet your every need. • Compare quotes online—With the internet, it’s easier than ever before to compare quotes from different shipping companies. Most shipping companies allow you to receive an instant quote on their website. You can also typically call them at a toll free number to get a quote. Compare quotes from trusted car shipping companies to find the best value. • Lighten the load—Keep your vehicle shipment as light as possible by removing extra accessories from the vehicle, taking personal items out of the car, and keeping the gas tank about ¼ full. If you have any questions about vehicle shipping, please contact Amerijet or visit today.

Date: 11/29/2009

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