Sending A Courier Package

Sending a Courier Package with Amerijet International, Inc. Sending a courier or a small package with Amerijet ensures that your items will be delivered on time, and intact. All courier packages are handled and shipped as a priority shipment. You can choose an airport-to-airport service or choose a door delivery option. You may use courier services both internationally and domestically with Amerijet, and for both commercial and personal shipments. Services Provided Amerijet provides personalized services, which include an airport to airport or door to door delivery option when sending a courier package. When you ship internationally, your courier package will be sent to the local Amerijet office in the destination country. From there, your package will be delivered directly to the recipient. There are no size or weight restrictions on courier packages, so the service is available for both personal and commercial shipments. Amerijet can also send a wide selection of goods via courier package. The customer support staff will work with you to provide details on sending your items internationally, so you will not be left wondering where your shipment is or how long it will take to be delivered. Courier package shipments are handled according to your needs, and can be shipped as soon as needed. Shipping Destinations Amerijet can ship your courier package to destinations around the world. With offices in North and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Asia, there is nowhere that you can’t find a shipping option available. Amerijet will provide all of the details for shipping both large and small items, and provide customers with contact numbers and email address on their official website. If you have a courier package that needs special care, Amerijet can offer the personalized service that you are looking for.

Date: 4/14/2009

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