Electronics shipping grows with high tech innovation

Electronics shipping grows with high tech innovation

DATE: 04/17/19

High demand from consumers and businesses means electronics need to get into distribution as quickly as possible.

Demand for electronics is only rising as advances in technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensors, spark innovation. Think large-screen TVs, including the popular 4K TVs—ultra-high definition televisions (UHDTV)—and the latest 8K TVs with resolution increasing to 8000 pixels in width; 5G-ready smartphones; and digital assistants such as Amazon’s Echo. Meanwhile, demand for computers and peripherals, scientific and medical equipment, and many other types of electronics remains steady or is increasing.

To keep up, electronics distributors, retailers and importers are moving products at a rapid pace. American importers continue to spend hundreds of billions on electronics to keep up with demand by North American consumers and businesses. For example, in 2018, the value of imports of phone-related devices, computers and optical readers alone exceeded $200 billion. Last year, the top 5 types of electronics shipped into the United States were: phone systems, including smartphones; integrated circuits; TV receivers and monitors; insulated wire/cable; and electrical converters and power units, according to analysis by the website World’s Top Exports.

On the flipside, the United States exports far less in the total dollar value of electronics than it imports. But the United States still ranks as the world’s third largest exporter of electronics, shipping more than $174 billion of various types of electronics, according to 2017 data. Some exports are on the rise: in recent years, U.S. exports of electronic circuit boards have had significant increases, for example.

“Alexa, where can I find a shipping partner?” 

High demand from consumers and businesses means electronics need to get into distribution as quickly as possible. If you are a consumer or a company that sells or ships between the United States and Central America, South America or the Caribbean, you need a reliable shipping partner which can guarantee your high-value electronic products arrive safely, and on time.

Miami-based Amerijet International Airlines serves 40 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America with scheduled maindeck capacity on B767-300 aircraft, in addition to another 475 destinations through its interline partners.

Amerijet ships a wide variety of high tech products, both inbound and outbound, from its hub at Miami International Airport (MIA), including consumer electronics such as smartphones and computers. For businesses and public agencies, the all-cargo carrier ships various types of electronics and parts for the medical, security, defense and aerospace industries worldwide.

This year, Amerijet added service between MIA and three new Latin American destinations: Guatemala City, Guatemala (GUA), and in Colombia, Bogota (BOG) and Medellin (MDE).  Shipments include electronics to Guatemala City, Guatemala, and medical and scientific equipment to Bogota.

Amerijet electronics shipping services

In addition to airport-to-airport services for electronics shipped as general cargo, shippers can count on Amerijet for a full range of transportation services, including door-to-door and General Cargo Express (GCX) for next-available-flight air shipments. Additional services by Amerijet include less-than-truckload and other expedited ground services. Charters are another option for high volumes of electronic shipments that just can’t wait.

With Amerijet’s advanced cargo tracking technologies, electronics shippers won’t lose touch with the status of their shipments, and they can rest assured their shipments will arrive safe and secure. The expert Amerijet team provides services that include customs clearance and assistance with required shipping forms and documents.

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Shipments can be dropped off at more than 150 Amerijet and agent-operated offices worldwide. Within the United States, shippers can drop off their electronics shipments at 13 company-owned Amerijet stations and many other drop-off locations. For your closest Amerijet station, simply visit the Amerijet home page.

Direct shippers are welcome to set up their free MyCargo account at the Amerijet website where they can book their freight, and manage their shipments all in one place. The MyCargo portal includes schedule information and shipping document requirements. Or, for reservations, please email sales@app-wpprod-prod-eastus2-001.azurewebsites.net or call 305-506-2969.

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