Amerijet’s Expert Team Helps You with On-Time Holiday Shipping

Amerijet’s Expert Team Helps You with On-Time Holiday Shipping

DATE: 11/12/18

If you know you’ve got a lot of gifts that need to be shipped to loved ones, every day that you delay sending them on their way is a risk that gets bigger and bigger.

It’s hard to imagine a busier time of year than the holidays. We all spend weeks during our holiday getting our shopping done, rushing around to special holiday events, and booking the long-awaited holiday vacation.

With so many activities going on during the holidays, it can be a pretty stressful time, and more than a few of us are going to feel overwhelmed along the way. It’s challenging to carefully plan in advance all you need to accomplish.

That’s why some of us only remember at the last minute that we need to plan ahead for packaging and shipping all of the holiday gifts. If you wait too long, you come up against a huge last-minute rush of holiday shipping requests. By waiting until the last minute, you may have lost out on the opportunity to ensure your gifts arrive on time.

And nobody wants their packages to show up once the holidays are over.

The experienced team at Amerijet International Airlines is ready to help you get your packages delivered on time — and in great condition this holiday season. But you’re going to do yourself a big favor if you start arranging your holiday shipping needs as easy as possible.

This is one of the first things you should begin doing as the holiday season approaches.

Why Is It Important to Start Planning Shipments Today?

If you know you’ve got a lot of gifts that need to be shipped to loved ones, every day that you delay sending them on their way is a risk that gets bigger and bigger. The holidays are the busiest time of year for shipping, so your competition from other consumers is going to be fierce.

More than 500 million packages typically get delivered during the holiday season. Since the economy is so strong, people are feeling good and spending more on holiday gifts. This could be a record year for holiday shipping.

You think the malls get crowded around the holidays? Try the lines at post offices.

Last minute shipping can become very stressful – not to mention more expensive if you wait too long. You want to help ease some of that stress by getting your packages sent at your earliest possible convenience.

So what are the best ways to start planning ahead for your holiday shipping needs? It begins with finding a shipping company to handle all of your deliveries.

So what should you be looking for?

It’s important to find a company with a proven track record of reliability when it comes to timely holiday shipping.

That shipping company should also cover a broad service area and be able to handle all types of commodities – including popular holiday food items that require temperature control.
It’s also important to find a shipping company that can give you an estimated delivery time so you know when you need to ship something that is scheduled to reach its destination before Christmas.

Amerijet has an expert team of shippers, with years of experience handling all type of shipments during the holidays. That includes holiday cargo shipping to a range of destinations, including the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Amerijet also allows you to self-serve to avoid the lines, by opening a MyCargo account on our website, Your account enables you to get quotes on shipping, track the progress of your packages, and do all your bookings online, at your convenience.

What’s the Difference that Amerijet Can Make?

For so many of us, the holidays are our favorite time of year, a time for celebrating the season with family and friends. Amerijet wants to help make the season even more enjoyable for you by eliminating the pressure and tension of getting your packages shipped and presents delivered to loved ones in time for Christmas.

Amerijet offers special holiday cargo shipping services to more than 550 destinations worldwide. Amerijet also provides shipping for all types of packages, at affordable rates that fit your budget.

Knowing how hectic and stressful the holiday season can be, Amerijet offers a range of benefits when you take advantage of our early holiday shipping options. Those benefits can amount to huge savings.  And saving money is exactly what you need this time of year.

Jorge A. Cereceda, manager of Amerijet’s Customer Service Department, said there are some important tips to remember when it comes to holiday shipping.
“They should check out the destination (of the shipment),” he said. “In some countries at a certain date, that country allows the import of cargo without duties. Not all, but for example, the Dominican Republic knows people send a lot of packages to their families around Christmas.”

And he cautioned that “Definitely they should avoid as much as possible sending anything during the week of Christmas. We move cargo then, obviously, but that week will be busier than any other.”

And another reason to ship early, he said, is something a lot of people don’t factor into their shipping plans: overseas customs.

Around the holidays, “Sometimes we move the cargo on time, but sometimes there is a backlog with customs,” he said. “It’s important for them to remember that.”
The backlog occurs, he said, because so many packages arrive in countries outside the U.S., and those countries struggle to move everything quickly through customs.
“In some of these destinations, you would not believe the amount of cargo we have in our warehouse,” Cereceda said. “It’s tons and tons and tons.”

Shipping early is the surest way to guarantee your packages arrive on time, and Amerijet has a proven track record of reliable – and timely — holiday shipping deliveries.
“Anyone in this department who is in customer service, the person with the least amount of seniority has been here for 10 years,” he said. “We have years of experience doing this.”

Amerijet’s team has a proven track record of meeting holiday shipping needs from pickup to delivery and plans ahead to ensure our customers are served with care, precision and speed. Amerijet operates additional flights and extends drop-off and receiving hours in December.

And in a season when it’s popular to ship baked goods, sweets, and other food items to loved ones across the globe, Amerijet’s team is experienced in the delicate handling of perishable items to ensure everything you send arrives safely – and fresh.

The perishables shipping team can guide you through this process since they’ve been handling perishable shipments for years, have chilled storage at transit points to keep your perishables safe.

Cereceda also highly recommended customers get insurance for their holiday packages.

“Insurance is always advisable,” he said. “Even though we take good care of the cargo, that doesn’t mean something can’t happen. We move oil pipes and machinery and valves — so many things.”


Amerijet takes away the worry about shipping gifts around the holidays to friends, family and loved ones. And now is the ideal time to start planning for your holiday shipping needs.
Amerijet helps our customers through this process by having customer service agents who will walk you through every step of the process of booking a shipment, making it simple and convenient.

You can also take advantage of Amerijet’s user-friendly and secure MyCargo Account page, which enables customers to quickly book, pay or track their items online.

Customers can also choose between general or expedited shipping, and Amerijet offers pickup and delivery throughout most of its service regions.

At Amerijet, our customer service experts know how to provide multiple service options on shipments. They also recognize that each cargo shipment is unique and they have experience moving freight in a variety of ways. December is one of the busiest shipping seasons. Start planning your shipments today, with the confidence of a very fast turnaround on delivery.

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