Amerijet Station in Washington DC Specializes in Charters Freight Forwarding

Amerijet Station in Washington DC Specializes in Charters Freight Forwarding

DATE: 05/24/18

Amerijet International has domestic stations across the country, and customers can easily locate the station closest to their home through our website.

Amerijet International has domestic stations across the country, and customers can easily locate the station closest to their home through our website. If you need a product shipped to a domestic or international destination, just visit your nearest drop-off center, which will be staffed by seasoned veterans who can answer your questions and handle all your shipping needs.

Our team will help you navigate what’s needed to palletize your shipments and get them ready to be sent. We understand how urgent your commercial shipping needs are.

At our station in Washington D.C., our team has handled major charter shipments for top federal agencies, the U.S. Federal Government.

Richard Hernandez, the Northeast Regional Manager at Amerijet International Inc., who oversees the D.C. station, said both federal agencies in the nation’s capital have frequently reached out to the D.C. station, since Amerijet offers 24-hour Air Charter Services to support urgent shipping needs, and those services are available worldwide

As Hernandez noted, “We handle quite a few charters. We’re the Number One location in the Northeast where charter requests come from.&rdquo

Amerijet’s 8,000 square foot station in the Washington D.C. metro area is located in Sterling, Virginia. The office has four employees who are highly experienced, multilingual and act as dedicated account executives for commercial accounts.

What Kind of Shipping is Handled at the D.C. Station?

The bulk of the work they handle, Hernandez said, is arranging freight forwarding for individuals or corporations that need to get their goods from the manufacturer to a specific market.

That includes international freight forwarding, since the D.C. team has expertise in preparing and processing customs and other documentation pertaining to international shipments. Forwarding and logistics can be one of the most important aspects of running a business, and Amerijet offers a wide range of shipping options around the world to help customers plan and successfully transport their international shipping.

In fact, Hernandez noted that about 90 percent of the business at the D.C. station comes from freight forwarders, while the remaining 10 percent comes from walk ins.

But those percentages may be shifting, Hernandez said, since their volume of walk in customers keeps increasing.

“That’s one of the fastest growing percentages we have, walk ins,” he said. “They are coming in more and more each month.”

They also handle a large number of shipments to the Caribbean, Hernandez said, adding that’s been an important part of their client base since the office first opened.

Amerijet currently operates a fleet of B767 Freighter aircraft serving a wide variety of destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, from Amerijet’s own terminal at Miami International Airport.

What Does the D.C. Team Specialize In?

The D.C. station also has a certified pharmaceutical team to handle crucial pharmaceutical shipments, and they can accept shipments classified as being hazardous materials, which can include routine household items like perfumes, paint and cleaning supplies.

While they do not manage shipments of live animals, the staff at the D.C. station can assist those customers and help them book a shipment.

What makes the station in D.C. work so effectively, Hernandez said, is what he called “the personal touch” – employees who are highly attuned to the needs of Amerijet’s clients.

Customer satisfaction is one of the top goals they strive for at Amerijet’s domestic stations, and their seasoned workers have decades of experience providing expert shipping advice and service to their customers. Amerijet has become known for its reliability and service with a strong customer focus, thanks to that team.

Hernandez noted that his D.C. employees have more than 20 years of experience working for Amerijet, are hazmat certified, and are “extremely proactive in their approach to our clients.”

The D.C. station also sells barrels for shipments and TV crates, and the employees can show customers how to package them.

How Does Amerijet Make a Difference?

By calling the Amerijet station closest to you, our team can help you with all your packing, crating and unpacking options. Amerijet’s customer service team can work with you to find the right shipping options for your different shipping needs, and our shipping centers across the country will make transporting your cargo a smooth and hassle-free process.

As a leader in the field of cargo shipping, Amerijet is an international company with more than 40 years of experience. From our local stations, we can quickly transport all your cargo items to 38 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America.

All of our stations are conveniently located in industrial areas where there are other businesses. Our team understands how urgent your commercial shipping needs are, along with the need for safe, careful handling of your shipments. We can provide you with options ranging from small packages to large commercial freight solutions, and provide you with express shipping options and pickup with delivery as well.

You can also protect your financial interests through Amerijet’s air cargo insurance, which automatically covers 100 percent of the insured invoice value, plus an additional 20 percent. Our insurance coverage begins as soon as the goods leave the shipper and/or supplier and covers you throughout transit to the final destination.

We offer competitive rates, and you can count on getting a great value when you ship with Amerijet.
And remember, we also back up all our shipping services with our excellent customer support.

You can also expedite the shipping process by visiting our website,, and opening a MyCargo account with us. This is a free service available on our customer-focused website, which can be accessed on all types of mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

By opening a MyCargo account, Amerijet customers can get shipping quotes, make reservations and track shipments. MyCargo Account users are able to check shipping rates, apply for credit and access important cargo shipping documents. All account information is now easy accessible using our newly designed customized dashboard. Amerijet is committed to giving our consumers the tools they need, right at their fingertips.


Amerijet has stations in major metropolitan areas across the United States. That’s part of our commitment to providing all our customers with the best service possible. Through our new website, we’ve made it convenient for you to contact the station closest to you and get the information you need quickly and efficiently

To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at (571) 257-3729 or 1-800-927-6059, or email us at

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