Amerijet Safely Transports Your Livestock and Other Animals to Amerijet Destinations

Amerijet Safely Transports Your Livestock and Other Animals to Amerijet Destinations

DATE: 06/28/17

Businesses that specialize in selling livestock and cattle know how crucial it is to have a reliable, trustworthy partner when animals need to be transported by air. That’s why so many satisfied customers have come to rely on the expertise of Amerijet’s live animal shipping specialists.

At Amerijet, we have decades of experience as experts in coordinating the shipping of live animals, anywhere in the world. We oversee the handling of each and every one of those animals with tender love and care. Every detail of how those animals get transported is a top priority for us.

The bottom line is the animals you bring to us to be transported will be overseen by a team of highly trained live animal shipping specialists. We can provide you with peace of mind in knowing the comfort and safety of those animals is guaranteed.

Live Animal Shipping

More than most other forms of cargo, the required shipment of live animals can be the most stressful for customers. It takes far more experience to handle the very special needs of animals over more routine cargo shipments.

They’re looking for strong assurances that their livestock will be safe while being transported, on scheduled Amerijet flight destinations, and their safety and comfort fully provided for, with the highest standards of care being maintained.

Our customers have ranged from breeders to companies specializing in the sale of exotic animals. Our customers who specialize in livestock come to Amerijet when they have:

• Horses for breeding

• Racehorses

• Horses participating in equestrian shows

• Overseas commercial sales.

These animals can be transported anywhere across the globe, assuming these companies have found a proven cargo transportation company that’s an expert at shipping something as highly delicate as live animals. They’ve come to know Amerijet as their trusted partner.

Decades of live animal shipping experience

Over the years, Amerijet’s team of live animal shipping specialists has arranged to transport a very long list of unique animals. Most recently, that included the shipment of a group of crocodiles, and 34 horses to Panama.

Not all of the animals are that large. Amerijet often gets requests to transport birds, hedgehogs, and even snakes. The team recently arranged to transport three Boa Constrictors that were required to be securely placed in specific transport boxes.

No matter what the animal is, this team has expertly handled the shipping details for everything from baby chicks to zoo animals. Businesses that frequently ship animals have come to rely on Amerijet’s expertise and professionalism.

It’s a service we oversee for individual clients, businesses and animal handlers, from breeders to ranchers. Customers have driven to Amerijet’s Miami warehouse from New York, North Carolina, and other states, knowing that Amerijet is an expert at booking animals, is familiar with all federal and international regulations for live animal shipping, and handles this kind of shipping quite often.

As a cargo airline, Amerijet provides temperature controlled jets, and has no restrictions on the size or breed of the animal.

Amerijet also provides live animal shipping services year-round.

Booking Your Animals

Just as important, Amerijet’s customers know our specialists will walk them through all the requirements needed to prepare animals to be ready for the shipment.

The procedure for shipping live animals is relatively easy. Customers can contact the Amerijet sales department by emailing them at

Amerijet will thoroughly review the procedure for shipping the client’s animal or animals. Depending on the shipping destination and type of animal being transported, some restrictions apply. For example, customers are not allowed to send pit bulls to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Customers need to understand that they must first get a health certificate for the animal before it can be transported to another country. That includes being able to document in writing that a veterinarian has tested the animal for rabies and given it vaccinations. The customer also needs to show valid expiration dates on those shots. In the case of transporting a horse, the customer needs to provide a certified horse handler to accompany the animal during the flight.

When transporting animals, Amerijet operates according to the federal rules set by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Full details of those regulations are available on the agency’s website.

That includes details on the specific animal health requirements for destinations around the globe, and information on obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, and doing diagnostic testing.

The agency also has information on specific health requirements in destination countries before an animal can enter that nation. Customers will need to verify the export requirements.

Conclusion: Amerijet has decades of experience safely transporting every kind of animal imaginable, and knows how to get them to their final destination safe and sound.

Amerijet also understands and follows all federal regulations for live animal shipping, and what other countries require as well. Using Amerijet, your animals are in safe hands.

To learn more, visit our website at Amerijet.

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