Amerijet makes it easy to connect electronically

Connecting to EDi

Amerijet makes it easy to connect electronically

Date: 5/1/2018

Today many air freight shippers and freight forwarders still have to book and track freight manually with their air freight carrier. That’s not the case when doing business with Amerijet International, Inc., an all-cargo carrier based in Miami. Amerijet is an early adopter of EDI and other e-freight technologies.

 “We use digital technology and advanced monitoring procedures to provide real-time shipment visibility, alerts and cargo tracking to customers,” said Carlos Gonzales, Senior Director of Sales for Amerijet International. “This means tracking and monitoring every shipment even when it’s on the airport ramp and during the off-loading process at all international destinations.”

 Amerijet also offers EDI bookings which reduce errors from data entry and enable automated tracking. Amerijet recognizes EDI messaging via Cargo-IMP platforms and is actively working toward transitioning the industry to XML-based messages, as a commonly used internet-based structured file format.

 How to connect with Amerijet

 Amerijet customers can receive automated, online updates about the status of their shipments and  proof of deliveries (PODs). They have a number of ways to connect with Amerijet electronically and manage their freight, whether via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

 1. Set up a MyCargo account. The free service gives potential customers and shippers with Amerijet a convenient, digital way to obtain shipping quotes for ground, sea or air freight, book and manage their shipments in a password-protected account. Shippers can make reservations to have packages and shipments transported, track their shipments from pickup to delivery, and check account balances.

 2. Shippers with direct EDI connections with their carriers can also establish a direct EDI interface with Amerijet. To get started, simply contact

 3. For more information about booking online and connecting with Amerijet electronically, visit the Getting started page.

 Amerijet international freight services include air, ocean and ground service. The airline serves the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America with its own scheduled all-cargo freighter service, in addition to more than 600 destinations worldwide via its airline partners. Ground service includes the U.S., Mexico and Canada. For more information, visit

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