Amerijet Moves Heavyweight and Project Cargo with Ease

Project Cargo

Amerijet Moves Heavyweight and Project Cargo with Ease

Date: 4/17/2018

Shippers of oversized and heavyweight freight often weigh the time-cost trade-off between air and ocean transit, when possible. But sometimes oversized freight, such as expensive medical equipment, or heavyweight machinery and replacement parts, can’t wait and air is the only option.

 Heavyweight shipments can’t meet the size and weight limitations of passenger aircraft, that’s where all-cargo air carrier Amerijet International, Inc. comes in. The Miami-based freighter operator transports many types of heavyweight and project cargo shipments between its hub at Miami International Airport and the 38 destinations it serves throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

 “Between Miami and our direct service points, we routinely handle equipment involving project cargo such as for mining, the oil and gas industry, heavy machinery for construction, or bulky medical equipment, ship spares, machine parts for factories, , and even cars and signage for hotels,” said Carlos Gonzales, Senior Director of Sales for Amerijet International.

Service is typically via scheduled freighter service on Amerijet’s B767-300/200 and B727-200 aircraft. For urgent shipments, Amerijet is able to provided dedicated or part charters worldwide using its own fleet or subcontracted larger aircraft. .

Currently, Amerijet is seeing increases in medical equipment shipments between Miami and its destinations in Latin America. “The size and high-tech characteristics make air a preferred mode of transport for these types of high-value heavyweight shipments,” Gonzales said.

Amerijet has company owned and operated offices thought out the United States, the largest heavy freight origin point in the U.S. is Houston, TX.  From Amerijet’s Houston station, the majority of its project cargo involves machinery, parts and supplies moving into Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Venezuela and the Netherlands Antilles or back to U.S. points. “We are also moving heavyweight shipments of re-building materials into San Juan, Puerto Rico from Houston as a result of Hurricane Maria,” Gonzales said.

Despite the economic downturn affecting the energy industry, heavyweight machinery movements between Houston and the Caribbean and South America related to the oil and gas sector still occur. Machinery containing oil, lithium batteries or radioactive material is considered hazardous and will require special handling.  Dangerous Goods should only be transported on a dedicated freighter aircraft.

 Amerijet handles and transports all types of hazardous materials, including explosives, flammable liquids and chemicals, toxic and radioactive substances, magnetized material and lithium batteries.

Amerijet provides shippers with full-service logistics for project cargo in compliance with the highest safety and shipping standards. For more information about Amerijet heavyweight capabilities, click on the Oversized section at Amerijet’s shipping solutions page. Or, call 1-800-927-6059 to speak with an Amerijet customer service representative.

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