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Electronics Shipping

Date: 10/3/2017

These days, electronics are no longer products that people buy and then hold onto for a decade or more. In fact, as advances in technology keep improving at a rapid pace, it’s more likely that consumers will purchase new, updated versions of their laptops, smart phones, and other devices within months of buying the last one. That means electronics distributors, retailers and importers are moving products much more rapidly these days, to meet the high consumer demand each time a device is upgraded with new features. Increasingly, many of them are turning to air freight as a fast and efficient method of getting their high-value goods first to market and to those consumers. From cell phones to laptops and personal computers, and even the parts used to manufacture electronics, electronics require the most professional air freight service to ensure fast and efficient delivery. High consumer demand means these products need to get into stores as quickly as possible. If you’re a company that sells or exports electronics in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, you need a reliable partner in the air cargo industry that can guarantee your products arrive safely – and on schedule. For years, freight forwarders have turned to Amerijet, the Miami-based all-cargo carrier that provides shipping services to more than 625 destinations worldwide. When your shipments can’t wait, Amerijet offers all-cargo scheduled and charter air service to leading destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America. Amerijet’s services include General Cargo Express for next-available-flight service when your company needs a shipment to get out fast. The experienced Amerijet team will provide you with services that include pick-up, customs clearance and world-class security procedures.

How big is the electronics industry?

The electronics industry is booming today. The Pew Research Center notes that more than 90 percent of adults in the U.S. use cellphones, 73 percent use desktops or laptops and 45 percent use tablets. And keep in mind, those numbers only account for adults. We’ve become a highly digital world, and technology doesn’t rest as these devices consistently get more sophisticated. Cellphones, computers and tablets now dominate the way we access information. Consumers are buying these devices along with accessories like chargers, external hard drives, and USB drivers. And demand doesn’t come solely from consumers. The vast majority of businesses today use electronics for their own operations, and they also have to keep up with updates in technology and frequent changes in software. That means product suppliers are constantly shipping new, updated versions of these devices across the global marketplace. Two of the top producers are the United States and Mexico. The U.S. is the third largest exporter of electronics worldwide. In 2015, the U.S. exported electronics valued at nearly $170 billion. Many come from Texas, California, Oregon and Florida. Mexico exported more than $81 billion electronics products in 2015. With so much worldwide exporting and importing going on, electronics are constantly being transported globally. Shipping these electronics, as well as importing them, takes time and care. Electronics manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors have several key supply chain business needs that they share, and logistics efficiency has become a major factor. Getting the products from the manufacturing plant to the final destination is a very big industry. Manufacturers and suppliers now rely on transportation and freight technology, employ freight accounting, and use third-party logistics companies. That’s why these companies need an experienced transportation partner that can offer solutions when all types of electronic devices need to be shipped fast to destinations worldwide.

What are the special needs of electronics suppliers?

Shipping electronics might sound simple compared to shipping perishables, but there are special considerations when it comes to shipping and importing electronics. First, it’s important to consider getting shipping insurance when shipping electronics, especially in bulk. Shipping insurance will protect your cargo in transit. Considering that electronics are often high dollar products, you’ll receive protection of your shipment and peace of mind knowing the product is safe and on track during its shipment to retail shelves. Another issue is the crucial holiday season coming up, with Discount Friday sales in November and then Christmas in December. There’s an absolute frenzy for electronics during this season, and the last thing any company wants to confront is shipment delays. So it’s important to stock up on electronics prior to the holidays and order enough of the “next big thing” to keep customers happy. Finally, when it comes to stocking up on electronics, consider an air cargo transporter experienced in bulk shipping. Pallets are a great option for this kind of shipping, since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that make them flexible for bulk shipments.

Conclusion: Amerijet makes a difference

The Amerijet team can move your electronics products quickly and efficiently, especially during the holiday season. With local stations across the U.S. and all around the world, we safely ship electronics from their manufacturer to your business, regardless of your location. Amerijet offers airfreight services your business can count on, all year long, from palletized to single shipment options available for all kinds of electronic inventory orders. With Amerijet, you can also stay on top of all your electronic orders. Amerijet uses advanced monitoring procedures and digital technology to track and monitor every shipment, even when it’s on the airport ramp. Amerijet provides real-time shipment visibility, alerts and cargo tracking. Open your Amerijet “MyCargo Account” and utilize one stop business tools, today. To learn more about what Amerijet can do for you, visit our website today.

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