Managing the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain


Managing the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

Date: 10/26/2017

Global Market Growth

The global pharmaceutical market is valued at approximately $800 billion USD with a projected growth to $1.12 trillion by 2022, recently published by The World Health Organization. While the growth in pharmaceutical spending worldwide is staggering, the biologic drug market is growing at nearly twice the pace of the overall pharmaceutical market.

Cold Chain Integrity

Ensuring product integrity and security throughout the supply chain has always been a high priority for pharmaceutical manufacturers. With the increasing variety of drugs that require temperature control, the pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on the airline industry for its speed and efficiency.

“At Amerijet, we understand the importance of cargo security”, said Pamela Rollins, Sr. V.P. of Business Development. “But most importantly, we also understand the importance of delivering product quality and data integrity for pharmaceutical products.” Amerijet International is the first U.S. all-cargo airline to earn IATA's CEIV- Pharma certification. Successful completion of the certification reinforces Amerijet’s promise to exceed the high standards set by the pharmaceutical industry.

Data Monitoring and Transparency

The increasing variety of drugs that require temperature control also increases the need for precise logistics planning, including constant and accurate temperature monitoring along the entire supply chain. “As an airline, our role in the supply chain is to provide safe handling for all pharmaceutical shipments and we demand the same standards from our business partners, including our customers,” Rollins further added. “Data tracking from transport start to finish has become indispensable for temperature sensitive drug product integrity; Amerijet is aiming for full transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

Amerijet’s Temperature Controlled handling facility at the Miami airport includes a cooling facility equipped with active alarm systems, temperature data recorders and 24/7 CCTV monitoring. Computer monitored pharmaceutical cooling chambers provide storage environments for ambient 15°C - 25°C, chilled at 2°C - 8°C, and frozen at -0°C shipments.

More About Amerijet

Amerijet operates its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767-300/200 aircraft from its hub at the Miami International Airport to 38 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Amerijet’s global network reaches 476 destinations in Europe, Asia, Pacific, South Africa and the Middle.

The company’s Miami 210,000 square-foot export and 100,000 square-foot imports air cargo handling facilities include a perishable handling center providing refrigerated, frozen and chilled storage to maintain the cold chain integrity of pharmaceuticals and perishables during the time-sensitive transportation process.

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