Students studying in the Caribbean have a great partner in Amerijet


Date: 8/1/2017

The fall school semester in just weeks away from starting up in mid-August, and for students planning to attend college, this is a very exciting time. Those students are feeling a rush of enthusiasm as the summer starts to close for them and they gear up to start a new chapter in their lives. For some, they’ve chosen to study abroad, including in one of the many fine learning institutions in the Caribbean. The parents of those students studying abroad are almost certainly also feeling the excitement building up. Those students should be entirely focused on what they need to be doing academically. The last thing they need to be worrying about is developing a plan for getting all their belongings to a dorm room, apartment or living quarters overseas. What those students need is a reliable partner to handle those shipments for them. Transporting items overseas isn’t easy – but it can be if you choose a company that has the expertise to quickly and efficiently ship everything you need as you embark on your college years. Amerijet is a proven expert at handling all aspects of student cargo shipping to and from the Caribbean. By taking advantage of our decades of experience, we can make the entire process much easier for students -- who should, after all, be focused on their upcoming classes, and not worrying about shipping details.  

Why is Amerijet the best option for student cargo shipping?

  Amerijet has more than four decades of experience providing our customers with a full range of student cargo shipping solutions to and from the Caribbean. If you choose Amerijet to ship items to the Caribbean, keep in mind that we have sent a wide variety of commodities to destinations there, including: • Barbados • Grenada • Haiti • Santo Domingo • Trinidad Amerijet has a proven team of experts in shipping items that include: • General goods, from clothing to electronics to bulk dry goods. • Perishables, since Amerijet offers the safe handling and storage for all types of perishables. That includes fish, meats, flowers, and pharmaceuticals. • Valuable and fragile goods, where a high-value shipment is required for the extra care and attention they deserve. • Hazardous materials, supervised by our Hazmat specialists who can help ensure that all your dangerous goods get prepared properly and delivered safely. • Live animals, using our live animal shipping team to handle everything from household pets to thoroughbred racehorses. We are the only carrier that services these destinations, and we have weekly schedules available. If you’re a student bringing a pet with you to college, we can ensure that your pet get to your dorm room safe and sound. We are animal shipping specialists. If you’re planning to participate in sports programs in college and have a lot of hefty sports equipment to ship, we can guarantee it gets to you. Students who are entering medical colleges and need specialty items and pharmaceuticals sent along as part of their studies can rest assured that we have temperature-controlled carriers to handle the shipping of sensitive medical devices and chemicals. If your parents are sending you care packages of food and other items, we will get them safely delivered to you. At Amerijet, we also understand that students often don’t have a car while they’re attending college and it’s difficult to get around the area. That’s why Amerijet has staff in international destinations that can get your packages to you. We handle the delivery as well. With that kind of expertise, students who are traveling from the United States to the Caribbean for their studies have the ideal partner in Amerijet. Those students have a lot of weighty issues on their minds, from securing student housing to selecting their classes. They should be able to get their personal belongings shipped as quickly as possible, without any hassle, and in a cost-effective manner. What we can offer those students is the ability to take advantage of: 1. Daily weekday flights to the Caribbean. Amerijet has a wide Caribbean service network with facilities all across the region. We ship to and from Jamaica, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Saint Vincent, and more. Students can take advantage of daily weekday flights connecting the Caribbean and the U.S., and we are able to get your personal shipment to the college you’re attending in a hurry. 2. All your items can be shipped by us. Students may need to ship everything from electronics to clothing and perishables to the area where they will be studying. Amerijet will ship all of your commodities safely. 3. Affordable prices. When students bring their cargo shipping from the U.S. to the Caribbean, Amerijet will be the affordable option, offering competitive prices and a range of services to choose from. Students and their parents will discover it’s easy to find the perfect solution to fit your budget.  

How should students prepare their items for shipment to the Caribbean?

  Students and their parents preparing a shipment to be transported to the Caribbean may be new to shipping products overseas. Amerijet can make this a smooth and efficient process every step of the way, and the good news is that shipping to the Caribbean is pretty straightforward. After you log on to the Amerijet website, start by opening a MyCargo account, where you can book shipments online. You can also use your MyCargo account to get shipping quotes, make reservations, track your shipments, and check account balances. Amerijet’s shipping experts are also available to help you on every aspect of this process, and we can start you out with a basic understanding of what you need to do. That includes: 1. Documentation. When you ship to the Caribbean, you’ll have to complete certain documentation. The exact documentation will depend on what you’re shipping. In general, you’ll need to complete a shipment waybill and a CARICOM commercial invoice. If you have any single item you’re shipping that’s worth more than $2500, you’ll need to fill out a Shipper’s Export Declaration. 2. What can be shipped here. All types of commodities can be shipped to the Caribbean. What’s important is whether your shipping company can handle them. Amerijet transports all types of goods that students may need to ship. 3. What will this cost? Your rates will fluctuate depending on what you’re shipping and how you choose to get it there. Using your MyCargo account, you can get a free quote on each shipment. 4. Is cargo insurance available? Yes, you have the option to insure any shipments to the Caribbean. It’s certainly in your best interest to consider making the investment in cargo insurance. It can give you peace of mind knowing your goods are insured and that you’re protected financially should anything happen to your packages. Your insurance will automatically cover the insured invoice value of your shipment. That protects you against all risk of physical loss or damage from any external cause. Conclusion: If you need fast, reliable cargo shipping to the Caribbean, open a MyCargo account today on Amerijet’s website and click here to get a free quote on your first shipment. It takes just minutes to set up the account on your laptop. You can also call us at 1-800-927-6059 or 305-593-2997 to get all your questions answered.

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