Amerijet has convenient stations in most major cities in the U.S.


Date: 8/4/2017

Not only is Amerijet your partner for all your cargo shipping needs, we also have shipping centers across the country to make transporting your cargo a smooth and hassle-free process. As a leader in the field of cargo shipping, Amerijet is an international company with more than 40 years of experience. While Amerijet operates its own dedicated freighter fleet of B767-300/200 aircraft from its primary hub at the Miami International Airport, we also have shipping centers across the country that can quickly move your products to their final destination. From those centers, we can quickly transport all your cargo items to 38 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Amerijet’s global network reaches 476 destinations in Europe, Asia, Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East with seamless and transparent transportation solutions for customers shipping any commodity type. By visiting the Amerijet website, you can click on our list of the Amerijet Service Network, which will provide you with the phone, fax numbers and email address for each individual office. Just select the station closest to you, and call our local team to get information about your shipments.

Business to Business Solutions

Our domestic stations service neighboring states and cover large sections of the country. The Atlanta station covers Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Our Houston station covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. Our station in Los Angeles covers an even wider region that includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Our state in New York City covers New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. All of these stations are conveniently located in industrial areas where other businesses are located. If you need a product shipped to a domestic or international destination, just visit the drop-off center closest to you or contact your local Amerijet station for questions. Our reach extends far beyond those major cities.

How our team will make the difference

By calling the station closest to you, our team can help you navigate what you need to do to palletize your shipments and get them ready to be sent. Our stations are staffed by seasoned experts in this field, who are bilingual and are dedicated account executives for commercial accounts. We understand how urgent your commercial shipping needs are. Every minute counts, and so does the need for safe, careful handling of your shipments. Our staff is trained in helping with: • Consolidated cargo • Managing hazardous materials • Shipping fragile items • Providing your business with many transport options when it comes to shipping • Delivering a long list of products that are temperature sensitive in our climate controlled setting that safely protects them. That includes items like fruits and vegetables, flowers, live animals, frozen foods, high value items, and hazardous materials. • Giving you the option to ship anywhere, which is ideal for last minute packages, emergency shipments and cargo that’s on a deadline. Most importantly, there are Amerijet stations all over the world. Amerijet is very flexible around peak times. Just contact us for more information. You can easily set up a MyCargo account on the Amerijet website. It’s free to open the account and you can use it to get shipping quotes, make reservations, track your shipments and get account balances.

Convenient local stations

From Boston to Fort Lauderdale, from New Orleans and Houston across to Los Angeles, Chicago and San Juan, Amerijet has stations that you can contact to ask questions about packing, cargo shipping, and insurance. Our team at Amerijet understands that operating a business, large or small, is no easy task. That’s especially true when it comes to shipping. We can ensure that all your shipping needs are met, and we provide you with options ranging from small packages to large commercial freight solutions. We can provide you with express shipping options and pickup with delivery as well. Amerijet also gives you the option to protect your financial interests, since our air cargo insurance will automatically cover 100 percent of the insured invoice value, plus an additional 20 percent. This is a way to enjoy peace of mind once you book a shipment with us. Our insurance coverage begins as soon as the goods leave the shipper and/or supplier, and covers you throughout transit to the final destination. Amerijet also has a Fast Claims resolution. In the unfortunate event that you do have a claim, our experienced staff will work to process it quickly and without hassle. Air cargo insurance claims are usually settled in 60 days or less. Conclusion At Amerijet, we have stations in major metropolitan areas across the United States, and our goal is to always provide the best service possible. We also provide that service at competitive rates. Amerijet has more than 40 years of experience meeting our customers’ shipping and transportation needs, and we’ve made it convenient for you to contact the station closest to you and get all of your questions answered. To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at 1-800-927-6059 or 305-593-2997, or email us at

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