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Date: 3/20/2017

Shipping oversized cargo around the world is a intriguing and at times challenging business, but for proven experts in this field like Amerijet, this task is neither too big or too problematic.

Oversized cargo is freight which is often very large in size and heavy like industrial heavy machinery, machine parts and construction equipment.

Large shipments are often needed by those in the construction, manufacturing, boating and ship building industries. Having oversized machinery to transport -– which could include mining, forklifts, excavators, large pipes or a sail mast -– places a major task on the shoulders of the company’s shipping manager responsible for the cargo.

Shipping large cargo requires proper planning, careful handling and ground or air transportation. Some of the machines and equipment will appear to be far too wide, too heavy, tall or long to fit the specifications for most ground or ocean container services.

That’s why companies need shipping experts to handle this task for them.

Amerijet’s experience
With decades of experience, Amerijet knows how to ensure the safe delivery of your largest cargo items, and we are specialists in over-dimensional freight shipping. Amerijet’s fleet of aircraft is fully equipped to handle all types of large, heavy and oversized cargo shipments, such as:

• Project Cargo and Time Sensitive Heavy Freight
• Heavy Machinery and Machine Parts
• Energy Plant Equipment and Supplies
• Aircraft Engines and Parts
• Vehicles and Boats

Our dedicated planning teams work hand-in-hand with every customer to meet and exceed your shipping expectations.

Our focus has always been on service, safety and effective heavy lift and oversized cargo shipping solutions. As part of our commitment to go the extra mile, Amerijet’s flexibility and tailored transportation services are the best choice for even the most challenging cargo shipments.

End-to-End Solutions
Amerijet has always positioned itself as a specialist when it comes to heavy weight and over dimensional freight shipping. We fully understand how to transport your large cargo in a safe and effective way, and our skills make Amerijet the best choice for even the most challenging and time sensitive cargo shipments.

Amerijet offers its customers a complete End-to-End Solution, from pickup to delivery throughout its entire service region.

Air Charters
Air cargo charter flights provide maximum flexibility for shipments that require immediate transportation. Air charters for heavyweight and project cargo are usually time-critical or require delivery to remote locations.
Amerijet has been providing long and short-term charters since 1974. Amerijet’s Charter Team works in a collaborative relationship with every customer, from flight acceptance to delivery, to provide the most cost-efficient solution.

To learn more about what Amerijet can do to safely and efficiently transport your oversized cargo, log on to our website at Amerijet.

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