Apparel Shipping by Air: Fast fashion, high fashion and more

What goes around comes around in fashion. From haute couture and luxury designer brands, to apparel samples and other garments, high fashion has long taken...

Date: 8/15/2016

What goes around comes around in fashion. From haute couture and luxury designer brands, to apparel samples and other garments, high fashion has long taken to the air. Now with the rise of discount fashion and “fast fashion”—apparel that captures current trends—more everyday apparel is taking to the air to satisfy consumer demand for trend apparel.

High-end apparel is commonly shipped as goods on hangar (GOH), requiring rods and taking up space in containers. Now, the apparel industry is seeing a rise in “flat packed” goods. Flat pack supports fast fashion and discount apparel, allowing manufacturers and distributors to ship greater volumes on a cost-effective basis.

Air freight is often the mode of choice for retail buyers who attend apparel markets to ship their purchases to global destinations. For example, in the bustling Los Angeles Fashion District, about 2,000 independent wholesalers and apparel marts are concentrated in the 100-block area. Apparel and fabric buyers from Latin America and the Caribbean come to LA to buy for their stores and factories.

To support U.S. demand for fast fashion, retailers and distributors are bringing production closer to the customer. Cut and sew apparel producers as well as apparel manufacturers specializing in knitting are among those manufacturers reestablishing operations stateside. Likewise, apparel distributors and manufacturers export great volumes of finished garments into the U.S. from Mexico and Central American countries such as El Salvador and Honduras, and from nations in the Caribbean such as Haiti and Jamaica.

Today’s fashion industry rolls out 52 “micro-seasons” per year. With designers creating new looks on a weekly basis, the requirements of bringing these fashions to retail markets vary greatly. Here are a few guidelines to consider when seeking an air freight partner for apparel:

Multiple deliveries & door-to-door services

Compared to transit by ocean and intermodal, air overs greater advantages to garment and goods on hangar (GOH) shippers: including shorter transit times and the ability to make more frequent deliveries. Multiple deliveries can be made to stores within a week or within the month. Seek an air freight provider that can provide door-to-airport and door-to-door delivery.


For more urgent requirements to deliver your product and especially in greater volumes, air charters are a viable option for dedicated loads which can’t be accommodated on scheduled service. Charters are used by retailers and importers to support store launches, special events and brisk sales. Seek a provider which can offer scheduled air and charter services.

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