Why Should You Use Express Air Freight Service

Your ability to expedite your shipments can make or break a production line or a product launch, among other business or personal needs. Shipping by express air, also known as General Cargo Express (GCX), is the fastest way to ship, hands down. Express, next-flight out or premium air service ensures your packages and freight arrive fast and in good condition. Your customer needed it yesterday. Expedited shipping of live animals by air is the most humane method to ship your precious pet or horses for breeding. Other goods that may need to ship by priority air include consumer goods, electronics, hazardous materials (hazmat), textiles and machinery. All-cargo versus scheduled airlines So with whom do you trust your priority air shipments? Seek out a dedicated cargo carrier. These all-cargo airlines are able to give your express shipments priority versus a scheduled airline that puts their key business focus on moving people and their baggage. When expedited shipments ride on a freighter (dedicated cargo) aircraft, these are the first shipments that are unloaded and transferred with close monitoring. Here are a few reasons to use expedited air services: You’re facing a tight deadline. Maybe you need to meet a manufacturing deadline or replace a part. Medical, production, manufacturing and retail are among the industries that rely on the expedited services of all-cargo airlines.  You’re shipping perishables. Temperature-controlled shipments may include pharmaceutical products, fruits, meats and seafood. Maybe it’s an urgent health care need to expedite a vaccine or other biologic. Perishables should always be transported using refrigerated storage and expedited services. Ask the carrier about their cool chain practices and what types of equipment and facilities they have to ensure safe handling. Or, see our earlier blog on Amerijet - Your Trusted Partner in the Shipment of Temperature-Controlled Cargo. You have the budget to support express. Express air, which may be more expensive than other shipping services and transportation modes, can be well worth the premium paid. Consider the lost opportunity or financial losses of not having product on the shelf on time or the delay to the production line. Both situations can cost a company thousands, if not millions of dollars. Amerijet International is a Miami-based all-cargo carrier offering express shipping services to more than 625 destinations worldwide. Its fleet includes B767 and B727 freighter aircraft. Amerijet helps you succeed with expedited shipping, bringing over 40 years of experience across industries. Amerijet express services include General Cargo Express (GCX) for airport-to-airport expedited shipping in the United States and worldwide. Amerijet’s super-premium service, Rush Expedited Service (RSX), is available for international shipments that are delivered to its Miami International Airport hub at least 2 hours prior to flight departure, with freight guaranteed to move on the next available flight. Both Amerijet services accept most types of small packages and cargo, with the exception of liquids.

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Date: 6/22/2016

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