Transport Livestock - What to look when shipping

Choosing a company to transport livestock requires industry experience and experts. When conducting research, it is imperative to make sure the services provided by the shipping company will guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your animals. To help meet your needs, and the needs of your livestock, we have provided a checklist of coordination to look for in a shipping company.
  • Approved equipment – When transporting livestock you need to choose a company with proper, up-to-date equipment to suit your animals. Approved cages or species appropriate shipping containers will protect your animals from stress and ensures a safe and comfortable journey.
  • Industry experience – Companies with experience in animal shipping will have a significantly better process for shipping your livestock. The finely detailed process will comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations and accurately serve the needs of your livestock. Experienced companies will also require the compulsory paperwork and documentation for your livestock to travel.
  • Timeliness – Choose a shipping company that takes your time constraints into consideration and works endlessly to meet them. Your livestock deserve to arrive on time, no matter the distance or final destination.
  • Online tracking update notification – Tracking numbers make it possible to monitor your animal’s departure and arrival to the final destination. Your shipping company should provide you with a working tracking number they frequently update.
At Amerijet, we happily ship and transport livestock and many other animals with the upmost care and timeliness. We provide shipment tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and comply with the IATA Live Animal Regulations. We work closely with Veterinary Inspectors, handlers, container manufactures, and our pilots to ensure your animals receive a stress-free journey. With over 40 years of animal-shipping experience, and the needs of your livestock as our priority, Amerijet works hard to provide your animals with the greatest care - both in the air and on the ground.

Transport livestock with Amerijet

Click here for a quote and more information on how Amerijet can best serve your shipping needs. Date: 6/13/2016

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