When to use Air Cargo Charters

Air cargo charter flights provide maximum flexibility for companies that require immediate transportation of emergency orders and critical humanitarian relief goods. When production lines stop, air cargo charters are the best solution for time-critical shipments. Cargo charter flights provide a lifeline for companies in the automotive, aerospace, gas and oil and mining industry. In addition, cargo charters are routinely used to ship dangerous goods, high value commodities, pharmaceutical, heavy and oversized shipments, lift animals and humanitarian relief goods. Time-Critical Companies of all sizes utilize time-critical transportation for a variety of reasons and broad range of products. Air Cargo Charters are essential if your freight delivery needs to reach its destination by a strict deadline. Humanitarian Relief When disaster strikes, transporting humanitarian aid and relief goods to the impacted area is imperative to provide immediate lifesaving assistance. Due to the possible lack of reliable roads, ports and other infrastructure, humanitarian air charters are crucial to ensure a quick response. Life Animal Transportation The transportation of horses, livestock or poultry or other animals requires a team of skilled and experienced professionals who understand the special needs of the animals. Most life animal shippers transport their animals using a dedicated air cargo flight to ensure the safety of their animals. Heavy and Oversized Freight Air charters for heavyweight and project cargo are usually time-critical or require delivery remote locations. The loading and transportation of heavy and oversized freight requires planning and coordination to overcome potential logistics challenges. Amerijet has been providing long and short-term charters since 1974. Amerijet’s Charter Team works in a collaborative relationship with every customer from flight acceptance to delivery to provide the most cost-efficient solution. Learn more about Amerijet: https://www.amerijet.com/charters-services.html Contact us at contracts@amerijet.com

Date: 5/9/2016

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