Amerijet Delivers Big Time Solutions For Oversized

Companies who ship over-sized or odd dimensional difficult cargo knows there’s a big difference between saying it can be done… and actually getting it accomplished safely and securely.   Businesses ship with Amerijet because we don’t believe in impossibility. We believe in delivering the possibility. Since our inception, Amerijet’s focus has been on providing the finest heavy lift and over-sized cargo shipping solutions in the industry. We employ a fleet of B727-200 and B767-200 aircraft that are equipped to handle the biggest, widest, heaviest, most unruly cargo you’ve got.   Amerijet’s planning teams will work hand-in-hand with you to create a solution that meets your specific needs for safety, security, shipment integrity and every other cargo concern. Whether it’s cars or boats, aircraft engines, heavy machinery, energy plant equipment, or any other over-sized or odd-shaped cargo, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure safe delivery every time.   You can book your shipments and then track their progress with a few clicks at Plus, we’ll gladly provide expert assistance with documentation and insurance coverage to make sure everything runs smoothly. Ship airport-to-airport, or check out our Ocean and Trucking options that can help get the job done even more conveniently and affordable.  If you have an over sized shipping challenge, Amerijet has the perfect-fit solution for it! 

Date: 3/1/2016

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