Shipping Perishables with Amerijet

Today’s perishables retailers are accommodating their consumer’s desires for virtually anything, anywhere and anytime of the year. Multitudes food items choices from different countries around the world are shipped to accommodate consumer’s insatiable appetites year round. The globalization of Food products shipped and often for longer distances, forces shippers and cargo carriers to seek solution to prevent spoilage along the destination way. It is important to make sure perishables are not too warm or too cold! Perishables globalization has made possible new collaborations between buyers and sellers seeking to develop and expand new food imports and exports opportunities within their regions. Making way to partner with the right air cargo shipping company who understands speed to market, time sensitive, shipping coordination and maintaining Active and Passive temperature controlled integrity while moving a shipment efficiently. Amerijet International, Inc., is a full-service all-cargo carrier providing regional and international, scheduled service that is poised to collaborate air cargo transportation for Import and Export fresh or package food products and industry equipment for the industry.  Following set standards such as the use of the IATA Time and Temperature-Sensitive label. Ranking among the most valuable types of commodities carried are Perishables. Amerijet Temperature Controlled (ATC) is an airport-to-airport shipping service that ensures product quality and cool-chain integrity for a wide range of temperature controlled commodities for the food and food processing industry. Amerijet’s Active and Passive temperature controlled shipping solutions are ideal for temperature-sensitive fresh seafood’s, vegetables, fruits and package goods. Amerijet cargo experts understand a delayed pharmaceutical shipment can have serious compromises, especially if the cargo is perishable. Temperature control in shipment is an important component of the industry and is continuously needed with international import and export trade. Amerijet offers a General Cargo Express (GCX) air freight service for airport-to-airport shipments. GCX service guarantees your freight will be transported on the next available flight to its destination. High performance ratings and strong dedication to delivery make Amerijet's express air freight a preferred service for time-sensitive cargo. From small package to heavy weight shipments, General Cargo Express is the right choice for many shippers, both international and domestic. Amerijet has 25 offices in the United States and 130 international offices worldwide. With offices in more than 78 countries, Amerijet delivers the expertise and infrastructure to provide seamless worldwide freight services for freight of any size, type or weight in temperature controlled cool-containers which actively regulate temperature levels, irrespective of ambient conditions. Or shipping single packages, pallets or skids, containers or crates, or for consolidated shipments. The Amerijet Company offers a diverse range of air, ocean, and a multitude of land freight services to facilitate all shipping and transportation needs.  With more than 40 plus years of experience in the global air cargo industry, Amerijet provides daily air cargo flights serving the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America connecting to its worldwide network reaching as far east as Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Date: 2/22/2016

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