Tips for Choosing Your Customized Cargo Shipping Service

Shipping cargo nationally and worldwide can often be a tricky business.  As a large company, small business, or personal shipper it’s always important that cargo arrives at its destination safe and sound.  If your shipping requires an adaptable and tailored solution, carefully choosing a cargo carrier able to adapt to your customized needs becomes essential. So, how do you go about choosing which company to place your trust in?
  1. Worldwide Services: One of the first steps is assuring that your shipping company of choice offers services in your desired destination. Amerijet offers reliable shipping services to more than 60 countries around the world, so you can always be certain that we will get your cargo anywhere your heart desires.
  1. Customizable Freight Shipping: The next important component is making sure that the carrier you choose has the ability to ship your cargo. No matter what shape, size, weight, or consistency, Amerijet offers customized shipping solutions that get your cargo to its destination every time. We create specific transportation solutions that are tailored to fit each and every need.  This allows Amerijet to provide an innovative total-solutions approach that makes even your most challenging shipping needs a breeze.
  1. Reliability and Flexibility: Perhaps the most essential step in choosing a global shipping service is being comfortable with making the shipment itself. Shipping with Amerijet is so easy, and you can do it all in one place: your MyCargo account.  Once you create a MyCargo account you can get shipping quotes, track cargo shipments, and manage your account status all with the click of a button.  You can even book and pay for your cargo shipments online, or you can contact Amerijet’s fast and friendly customer support for extra help.  The way Amerijet does business is so customer friendly you will keep coming back!
  1. Cargo Tracking: The last piece of the puzzle is having the peace of mind that your cargo will arrive safely and on time. Through your Amerijet MyCargo account you have the ability to track your cargo shipments 24/7. When in doubt, check it out, and maintain your peace of mind so that you can continue business as usual!
These are only a few pointers that are sure to lead you to shipping with Amerijet, by land, sea or air, we get it there! Choose Amerijet as your shipping partner and experience the best customized shipping service money can buy. Land, Sea, and Air- We Get It There!! #1-844-257-8726  

Date: 11/2/2015

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