Basic Checklist for Shipping your Fragile Cargo

Not sure how to send your valuable cargo? Here’s a basic checklist to ensure your valuables are shipped safely and securely:  
  1. Choose the right container: use a sturdy box for added protection and the right fit to safeguard fragile items from moving around. Be sure to follow the box’s weight specifications.
  2. Practice proper packing techniques [] wrapping each item carefully and individually to avoid any bumping. Fill any empty spaces with additional filler for added cushioning.
  3. Tape all seams end-to-end with packing tape –do not use regular tape. The heavier the package, the more tape is needed.
  4. For peace of mind, purchase cargo insurance for your fragile shipments.
  5. Make sure your shipping company handles your valuable cargo with special care.
  Amerijet’s Valuable and Fragile Cargo Shipping Services provides Cargo Insurance as well as extra special care combining shipping technology with security measures to safeguard the most fragile and valuable freights.   To learn more about Amerijet’s Secure Delivery of Valuable Cargos, visit:

Date: 5/19/2015

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