5 Tips for Shipping your Oversized Cargo

Need to ship some heavyweight and/or oversized freight? Here are some helpful tips and information for sending your Oversized Cargo shipments:  
  1. Can I ship this? From heavy machinery to vehicles and boats, including energy plant equipment and supplies, and even aircraft engines, Amerijet’s Oversized Cargo Service gets it there!
  2. Enjoy peace of mind: Cargo Insurance is available for your special freight while it is being transported.
  3. Are you shipping to or from Mexico or Canada? Try Amerijet’s Truck Shipping Solutions, available for pickup and delivery of your oversized shipment within North America.
  4. For extra convenience, try door to door delivery. It’s available for the United States and several countries (i.e.: Honduras, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and El Salvador).
  5. Is your shipment international? We can help you to verify all the permits, licenses, documentation and/or visas required by the destination country –they usually have their own laws and regulations.
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Date: 5/6/2015

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