Amerijet Is Ready To Help Businesses Capitalize On New Opportunities

The New Year is officially underway, and it’s sure to bring a host of exciting opportunities for businesses large and small. Of course, with new opportunities often come new shipping and logistics challenges and this is where Amerijet can be a tremendous advantage. Amerijet is an international air freight and cargo transportation leader, strategically based in Miami, Florida, gateway serving Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. With more than 625 daily flights to locations around the world; a vast network of ocean cargo vessels, and seamless ground transportation, Amerijet reaches the world’s most important business cities and international destinations. However, what truly distinguishes the company is the care and effort it takes to ensure your vital cargo arrives on schedule and, just as importantly, is protected throughout the entire transportation process. Amerijet offers air cargo insurance through Seven Seas Insurance Company, Inc., a subsidiary of AGL Resources. Your cargo shipment will be protected from the time it leaves your facility until it is received at their final destination. Better yet, pinpointing the cost of insurance for any shipment is as easy as logging onto, where you’ll find online Insurance Calculator that deliver quotes in a matter of seconds. You’ll know exactly what it will cost to protect your investment throughout the journey to its final destination. Another Amerijet advantage is the ability to ship all types of cargo, including perishables, pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials. In fact, Amerijet is one of the few air freight carriers fully certified to transport all types and classes of hazardous materials in accordance with the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). Amerijet’s hazardous cargo experts adhere to strict handling procedures in order to ensure the integrity of shipments and the safety off all personnel, in the air and on the ground. Two of the company’s busiest and most strategic destinations are San Juan Puerto Rico and the Port of Spain in Trinidad. Many leading pharmaceutical companies transport their cargo via San Juan, and the Port of Spain has long been a bustling hub of ocean-going trade. To accommodate the high demand, Amerijet offers importing and exporting activity seven days a week from both ports. Whether you’re a multi-national leader shipping containers of cargo or a small business eager to get your inventory into the hands of customers, Amerijet is a valuable resource with a seamless transportation network that delivers unmatched reliability and convenience. Point-to-point or door-to-door, Amerijet is your complete shipping solution.

Date: 1/14/2015

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