Amerijet Launches Back to School Drive For Students

One of the truest measures of a company’s success is how much good it does for those in need. As an international leader in air freight and cargo shipping, Amerijet continually looks for ways to give back to the communities it serves. Most recently, the company launched a program on social media called “Filling a Book Bag” with school supplies, in an effort to help students in underprivileged areas of the world community. The premise is simple. For every “Like” Amerijet receives on its official Facebook page, the company will match and donate school supply items to a needy classroom. The company encourages all of its customers, and anyone else interested in helping out, to participate from August 15 until September 15, 2014. The school supplies will be hand-delivered directly to classrooms throughout Amerijet flight destinations on September 30, 2014. If you would like to help, simply add your “Like” to Amerijet’s official corporate Facebook page. It’s important to note that Amerijet’s individual station Facebook pages will not feature the program. In fact, all individual station pages are currently in the process of being removed. If you’re currently following Amerijet on any of these sites, this is an ideal time to connect with the company’s official Facebook page  for authorized posts, offers and updates regarding your air freight and cargo needs. Corporate citizenship is an integral part of the culture at Amerijet, and this unique endeavor invites customers and associates to share in making a positive contribution. As many of us send children back to well-equipped and safe schools, it’s important to remember that a lot of kids around the world aren’t so fortunate. Please lend your support by visiting the Amerijet Facebook page. Then, check back regularly to view posts and photos showing the impact these donations are making in the lives of underprivileged children.

Date: 8/21/2014

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