Why Is Air Cargo The Best Method For Perishable Shipping

Shipping perishable cargo has its own set of unique challenges. Whether it’s food, plants, or pharmaceuticals, perishable cargo has to be kept within a certain temperature range to ensure it doesn’t spoil before reaching its destination. At Amerijet, we rely on air cargo shipping as our preferred method for perishable shipping. What makes air cargo ideal for shipping perishablesIt starts with speed. Perishables need to be shipped as quickly as possible because they have a limited shelf life. Air cargo shipping is the fastest way to get perishables to their destination in just about every case. There’s also a level of control that’s inherent with air cargo shipping that makes it ideal for perishable transportation. The conditions in which the cargo will be stored during transport and the timing of delivery can be controlled with precision using air cargo shipping. For all your perishable shipping needs, trust the experienced team at Amerijet to deliver. Get a free quote for perishable shipping and take advantage exclusive promotions for booking your shipment online when you visit www.amerijet.com/Promotions. For more information about our services and the latest Amerijet news, Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Amerijet/.

Date: 5/20/2014

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