Tracking the Performance of Your Shipping Company

As a business owner, partnering with the right shipping company can help you improve customer relations, reach more customers, and boost your bottom line. But it’s incredibly important that you make sure your business has the right shipping partner. Choosing the wrong service provider could actually cost you money and harm your business. That’s why it’s always a good idea to track and measure the performance of all your vendors, including your shipping company. By monitoring their performance carefully, you can make certain they are meeting your needs and helping you achieve your business goals. But how do you track carrier performance? A few of the areas you should monitor include:
  • Delivery times
  • Service fees
  • Customer service/responsiveness
  • Access to online data and tools
  • Selection of services 
By tracking all of these areas, you can identify any aspects of your shipping arrangements that might need improvement. You may even wish to get feedback from your customers regarding their thoughts on your shipping performance. It’s all about helping your business and helping your customers! To view our latest service specials, visit For more information about our services and the latest Amerijet news, Like us on Facebook at

Date: 2/10/2014

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