Answers to Common Questions about Air Freight Shipments

Air freight is a very popular method of shipping items. However, not everyone understands exactly what is involved in air freight shipping and not everyone knows whether air freight shipping is a good choice for sending their package. To help ensure that you make the right choice about whether to send your items via air freight or not, it pays to do a little bit of research. When sending items via air freight shipping, some of the different questions that you may have include the following: Can air freight be used for both commercial and individual shipments? Yes. Anyone can make use of air freight shipping services to send packages.  Both individuals and businesses use air freight as a popular method of shipment. Can you use air freight to send packages internationally? Air freight is especially popular when you need to ship something outside of the United States or to another country.  You can send items via air freight to most destinations throughout the world. However, you should always be sure to look for a shipping company that has a physical location in your destination country whenever possible. This will ensure that your shipment is sent in the timeliest manner; that the shipping company understands the requirements for air freight shipments; and that there is someone at your destination to deal with problems if anything were to come up. Does every shipping company offer air freight shipment? While there are many shipping companies that offer air freight shipment, you should not expect that every single shipping company will necessarily offer this as a shipment option. Furthermore, not all shippers are created equal. Be sure to look at past reviews, the company’s track record and length of time that they have been in business, and the destinations where they have physical locations before you choose an air freight shipping company. The longer the shipper has been in business, the better the reviews and the more destinations the shipper goes to, the better your chances of your shipment going off without a hitch. Is air freight more costly than other shipping methods? While you can sometimes pay a small premium for shipping via air freight as compared with other shipping solutions, the difference in costs is usually negligible or at least not burdensome.  The added cost will depend upon many factors including the size of the package. However, usually all but the largest or most unwieldy packages are able to be sent via air freight for a reasonable cost. How quickly can be shipment arrive if I send it via air freight? Speed is the biggest benefit of sending shipments via air freight. When you send a shipment via air freight, you often can choose next day shipping service if you desire (depending upon the time of day when you send your shipment and where it is going).    Your shipping company can explain to you what your options are as far as how fast your shipment will be able to be delivered.

Date: 9/16/2013

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