Air Freight Shipments - What You Need to Know

Air freight is a great way to ship many different items. However, like with any shipping method, there are certain times when using air freight makes sense and other times when there are different shipping solutions that would work better for you. Not only that, but you can also benefit the most from air freight when you have chosen your shipping company carefully. Before you decide on how to ship your item or before you make arrangements to send something via air freight, you should do research carefully into the different carriers and services so you can make an informed shipping choice. Air freight involves sending your shipment to its final destination via a plane. Not all carriers over air freight service and those who do may have a limited array of routes that their company takes.  When you are sending an item via air freight, you want to be sure you find a company that has a long track record of success with this shipping method. You also want to find out what the regular destinations are that the shipper sends items to via air freight. If you are sending shipments internationally, it pays to find an air freight shipping carrier that not only has established routes to the items destination but that also has locations on the ground in the country where your shipment is going. This way, you can be confident that someone will always be available and able to take care of your shipment until it has been delivered to its final destination. Be sure to look into the reputation of the carrier as well. Have they been successful at delivering past shipments on time? Do they have a good rating for customer service? Packages sent via air freight are usually sent via this shipping method because they need to arrive quickly to their recipient. If your shipping company isn’t reliable, your important shipment could potentially be delayed.  This is why it is so important to be sure that your carrier can be trusted. When sending a package via air freight, you will also need to think carefully about the specific service that you need. For example, do you require your shipment to arrive the very next day? If so, be sure that your air freight carrier offers overnight shipment service.  If you don’t need next-day-air, see if there are other options for sending an item via air freight that will take a few days to be delivered. While the air freight service should still be quicker than other methods such as ground transportation or ocean freight, you can generally save money if you do not opt for next day air. By researching the different air freight services and choosing the right shipping speed and right shipping company for you, you can enjoy the benefits of having your package delivered in a timely manner while avoiding paying too much for services that you do not really need.

Date: 9/14/2013

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