Do You Need Insurance When Shipping to El Salvador

One of the questions shippers often ask is whether or not it’s necessary to purchase insurance. While cargo insurance isn’t mandatory, we always strongly encourage our customers to insure their shipments. The fact is that insuring your shipment is very inexpensive, and doing so is the only surefire way to protect your financial interest. If anything happens to your freight while it’s being shipped to El Salvador and it isn’t insured, any claim for lost or damaged cargo will be strictly limited. By making the small investment in insurance, you can enjoy complete financial protection against the risk of physical loss or damage to your shipment. It’s a very small investment that offers huge financial protection. But beyond just the financial protection insurance offers when shipping to El Salvador, you’ll also enjoy total peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about being out of money if your shipment is lost or damaged. Coverage begins the moment you drop your shipment off with us. Make the smart choice and insure your shipments. Want to learn more about shipping to El Salvador with Amerijet? Click here to get a free quote and take 10% off when you book your shipment online. For the latest information and exclusive promotions, visit and make sure to Like us on Facebook!

Date: 8/7/2013

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