How to Save Money when Shipping from Orlando

Whether you’re shipping for business or personal reasons, getting the best deal is always a priority. How can you make sure you’re saving the most money on shipping from Orlando? Here are a few important tips to follow.
  • Compare quotes—Getting quotes from shipping companies is easier than ever before. Most companies have tools on their website to give you instant quotes. Gather quotes from reputable shipping companies with a local Orlando station, and compare them to find the best value. The key word here is value. You can’t just look at the price. You need to consider what each company offers at the price they’re quoting you.
  • Choose the level of service you need—If you’re trying to save money, don’t pay for more service than what you need. For example, if you don’t have a time-sensitive shipment, you don’t need to pay for express shipping.
  • Pack your shipment with care—This will save you money in a couple of ways. First, packing your shipment carefully will keep it safe, saving you money by keeping your shipment from getting damaged. Second, careful packing will help you optimize your packages so they aren’t bigger or heavier than they need to be.
  • Insure your shipment—Insuring your shipment is absolutely the best way to protect your financial interest. Insurance will keep you protected in the event your package gets damaged or lost.
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Date: 4/21/2013

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