Understanding Your Barrel Shipping Options

Barrel shipping can be a very economical, practical, and safe way to ship a wide variety of commodities, from bulk dry goods to liquids. You simply pack up the barrel with your freight, and a barrel shipping company can transport it to its destination. This is a very cost-effective way to ship items to domestic and international destinations alike. Of course, when it comes to barrel shipping, you have a lot of options. Particularly, you have choices in how the shipment will be transported to its destination. Your options include:
  • Air freight shipping—Without a doubt, air freight shipping is the fastest and most convenient method to have your barrels shipped to any destination across the world. You can even use express air shipping services when you really need a shipment delivered quickly.
  • Ocean freight shipping—If time isn’t of the essence or you have a huge quantity of barrels that need to be shipped, ocean freight shipping can be a great way to have your freight delivered to its international destination.
  • Inland trucking—For domestic shipments, shipping by truck is a reliable and economical way to get your barrels delivered to their destination. Inland trucking is a flexible, consistent, and affordable service for your U.S. barrel shipping needs.
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Date: 3/21/2013

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