Plan Ahead for On-Time Holiday Shipping

The holidays are here, and whether you’re a small business that needs to ship orders to customers or an individual who wants to ship gifts to loved ones, it’s time to start planning for holiday shipping. If you wait until the last minute, you risk your shipments not reaching their destination on time. Simply put, the earlier you start planning, the easier things will be. Planning ahead first means finding a shipping company to handle all of your deliveries. You want to choose a company with a proven track record of reliable, timely holiday shipping. You also want to choose a shipping company with a broad service area, that can handle all types of commodities, and that offers affordable rates. Planning ahead also means getting your packages ready for shipping as early as possible to avoid the holiday rush. Ask your shipping company for estimated delivery times so you know when you need to ship something by in order for it to reach its destination before Christmas. For all your holiday shipping needs, trust Amerijet. We offer holiday cargo shipping to a range of destinations that include the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, and more. Click here to get a free quote and take 10% off when you book your shipment online. For the latest information and exclusive promotions, visit and make sure to Like us on Facebook!

Date: 12/21/2012

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