How to Save on Small Package Shipping to Aruba

When you need to ship small packages to Aruba, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the very best deal possible. Whether you’re an individual using student cargo shipping to send items from home to your college-bound student in Aruba or a business sending orders to customers, you can use these helpful tips to save big on small package shipping to Aruba.      • Compare quotes online—Most shipping companies now offer quick quotes on their websites. This is a great way to compare shipping rates between multiple providers so you can find the best value. The key word here? Value. Don’t just look at the price. Consider what each shipping company offers as far as service features for the price they’re quoting.      • Use flat rate shipping services—Flat rate small package shipping saves you money, because rather than paying for the full size and weight of the package, you’re paying one low flat rate. Amerijet offers flat rate small package shipping for packages weighing up to 60 pounds.      • Insure your shipment—Buying cargo insurance is the best way to protect your financial interest. It keeps you protected in the event that your shipment gets lost or damaged. Amerijet offers reliable, affordable small package shipping to Aruba. Click here to get a free quote and take 10% off when you book your shipment online. For the latest information and exclusive promotions, visit and make sure to Like us on Facebook!

Date: 11/7/2012

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