How to Make Sure Your Small Shipments are Packed Correctly

As a shipper, it’s important that you take the time to pack your shipments with care. When you pack your shipments properly, you give them the protection they need to survive the trip in excellent condition, so you can have peace of mind. Of course, you might have some questions about how exactly you’re supposed to pack your small shipments. That’s why we’ve created a few simple guidelines that will help you out with your small package shipping preparation.
  • Choose a box that’s the correct size—The size of the box you choose matters. The box should be big enough to allow for about 2-3 inches of room on each side of the item inside. This is space that will be filled with packaging materials to protect your goods. Also, make sure the box is in good condition (i.e. sturdy and has no holes).
  • Use plenty of inner-packaging materials—You need to pack the inside of the box with ample padding so that the contents of the box are held in place and are fully protected. You can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, or a range of other materials for the job.
  • Tape up the box carefully—Make sure you use packing tape (not any other kind of tape) to tape the box shut along the seams.

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    Date: 7/7/2012

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