3 Reasons to Choose a Shipping Company That Offers

The best shipping companies offer multiple transportation methods, so you can find the most cost-efficient way to get your cargo where it needs to be. Here are 3 reasons to choose a shipping company that offers ocean freight services in addition to air and trucking. 
  1. Ocean freight shipping could save you money—If you don’t need your cargo to get delivered quickly, you may be able to save yourself a little money by using an ocean freight service rather than shipping it by air. Compare quotes and consider your timeline for delivery when deciding if ocean freight shipping is the right choice.
  2. You can ship all types of cargo on ocean vessels—The great thing about ocean freight shipping is that you can ship virtually all types of cargo by sea, including hazardous materials, general dry cargo, valuables, perishables, etc.
  3. Ship any size item easily—Trucks and aircrafts are often limited in space, and as a result, you can’t always ship oversized or odd-shaped items using these methods. Ocean vessels tend to have more space for you to ship those large, bulky items with ease.
 No matter what your shipping needs, Amerijet can help. In addition to our air and inland trucking services, we proudly offer ocean freight shipping through our sister company I.T.N. Consolidators. Find out more at www.amerijet.com

Date: 4/6/2012

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