Does It Matter Who You Choose When Shipping Animals

Whether you’re shipping your family dog, a thoroughbred racehorse, a reptile, or any other type of animal, the first step is to find a shipping company that can safely get the animal from Point A to Point B. You may question if it matters which company you choose when shipping animals. Loud and clear, the answer is yes. Animal shipments are among the most delicate shipments there are. They must be handled with extreme care to ensure the safety, health, and emotional well being of the animal. If you choose a shipping company that is careless or inexperienced, the health of the animal could be compromised. Your best bet is to search for a company that has been shipping animals for years. You want to choose a shipping company that has handled all types of shipments, from family pets to rare creatures. Experience breeds knowledge and familiarity with animal shipments, and that means you can ship your animals with confidence. Amerijet has been shipping animals for years. We’ve handled all types of animal shipments, and have a track record of safely delivering animals to destinations across the world. Learn more about our services at

Date: 3/30/2012

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