How to Get Low Cost Small Package Shipping

When you need small package shipping services, you want to choose a reliable company you know will deliver your packages on time and without any hassle. And of course, you want it all at a low price you can afford. But how can you get low cost small package shipping without sacrificing quality of service? It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow the tips in this article to discover how you can cut your shipping costs while still getting the level of service you deserve. The first thing you need to do is identify the small package shipping companies you can trust to deliver great service. It’s sad to say, but not all shipping companies are reliable. And the last thing you want is to get stuck with a shipping company that delivers your packages late or causes damage to your shipment. How can you tell if a small package shipping company is trustworthy? Experience is always a good indicator of the level of service a company provides. Look for a shipping company that has been in business for a few decades…one that has established a track record of safely delivering shipments to destinations around the world. Speaking of destinations, you need to look for a shipping company that provides service to hundreds of destinations worldwide. This way, you know they’ll be able to help you any time you need to deliver a package. It’s also important to choose a company that offers value added services for their small package shipping services. What this means is that you can add other services to the shipping - for example expedited handling, priority boarding, door to door package pickup and delivery, and more. Once you’ve identified some small package shipping companies that meet these criteria, you’re ready to move onto the next step: Comparing shipping quotes. This part is actually pretty easy. Most shipping companies now have free quote forms on their websites, allowing you to get an estimate for your shipment in just minutes. One thing to note—Make sure the info you put in these forms is accurate so that you can get the most realistic quotes possible. When comparing quotes, remember that price doesn’t always tell the full story. For example, one shipping company may quote you a lower price, but they may take longer to deliver the package. You need to weigh the features and the quotes together to figure out which quote really gives you the best bang for your buck. In recent years, savvy shippers have started to use shipping companies that offer flat rate shipping. Flat rate shipping is advantageous because it maximizes the bang for your buck. Shipments that don’t exceed the weight limit (usually 60 pounds) are all charged at the same low flat rate, meaning you can ship a 50 pound shipment at one flat rate. Talk about a great way to save money! Use these tips the next time you need small package shipping services. You’ll get the best rates, and you’ll never sacrifice quality of service.

Date: 11/2/2010

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