7 Questions You Might Have about Shipping to Haiti

If you’re like the average shipper, you probably haven’t done a whole lot of shipping to Haiti. However, Haiti is becoming an important shipping destination for businesses, humanitarian relief goods and individual shippers. . And when you do need shipping to Haiti, it’s important that you’re prepared. Shipping to Haiti is a bit different than shipping domestically, so you’ll probably have some questions about the process. Here are the 7 most common questions asked about Haiti shipping.
  1. How much does shipping to Haiti cost? This depends on numerous factors. First, it depends on the shipping company you choose. Shipping companies have different rates, so you should spend some time getting quotes online to make sure you get the best rate available. It also depends on what you’re shipping. A large, heavy shipment will cost more to ship to Haiti than a small package. And finally, it depends on which shipping service you choose. Ocean freight shipping is typically less expensive, but air freight shipping is much faster.
  2. What should I consider when choosing a shipping company? You want to choose a company that has a lot of experience shipping to Haiti. It’s also important to make sure they maintain local shipping facilities in Haiti so you can be sure they’ll provide excellent local service.
  3. What’s the best method of transportation for shipping to Haiti? Your two main options when shipping from the US to Haiti are to ship by air or by ocean. Most shippers prefer air freight shipping because it’s pretty quick, and you can ship pretty much anything by air. But some do still choose ocean freight shipping as its usually more economical.
  4. What documentation do I need to complete? This depends on the type of cargo you’re shipping and the value of your shipment. For example, if any single commodity you’re shipping is valued at over $2,500, you’ll need to complete a Shipper’s Export Declaration. If you’re unsure of which documentation you need to complete, your shipping company should be able to help.
  5. Should I purchase shipping insurance? Yes. It’s always a good idea to purchase shipping insurance, but it’s especially important when you’re shipping internationally. With shipping insurance, you’re protected. This means you’ll be reimbursed for the insured value of the shipment if it gets lost or damaged.
  6. What types of cargo can I ship to Haiti? This depends on which shipping company you choose, but if you choose a full-service shipping provider, you can send all types of cargo to Haiti. From general dry cargo, to perishables, to valuables, anything is possible. However, special documentation may be required for some commodities.
  7. Will my shipment have to go through customs? Yes. All incoming shipments to Haiti will have to clear customs before they can be delivered. The best shipping companies have customs officers at their  Haiti shipping facilities to help expedite the process.
If you still have questions about shipping to Haiti, your shipping company should be able to help you.

Date: 11/24/2010

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