Choosing a Small Package Shipping Company for Your Needs

Do you have a home business that ships out orders to customers on a regular basis? If so, choosing a reliable, affordable small package shipping company should be at the top of your list of priorities. Why? Not only will the right shipping company save your business money, but it can also help improve customer satisfaction with fast, safe shipping of your orders. Of course, not all small package shipping companies are the same. How can you make sure you choose the right shipping company for all your home business needs? Here are some tips to help you out. Experience Your home business’ success or failure rides very much on the shipping company you choose to send out all of your orders. Think about it. If you choose the wrong small package shipping company and your orders are always getting delayed or arriving in damaged condition, do you think customers will keep shopping with you? Of course they won’t, and they certainly won’t recommend you to their friends. The shipping company you choose is an extension of your business. If they offer poor service, it reflects badly on your company. On the other hand, if they offer excellent, reliable service, your customers will love you for it. That’s why you need to choose a small package shipping company with a proven track record of reliable shipping. Look for shipping companies that have been in business for a long time, and choose the one that has good reviews from their customers. Rates Shipping rates are important. If your business covers all or part of the cost of shipping, you’ll be spending money on every order you send out. You want to make sure you’re getting good shipping rates so you aren’t spending more money than you have to. Likewise, if you pass the cost of shipping onto your customers, they won’t want to pay high delivery rates. Savvy customers factor shipping costs into their total purchase, so if your shipping company has exorbitant rates, it could cost you business. Your best bet is to choose a small package shipping company that offers flat rate shipping. With flat rate shipping, all shipments weighing up to 60 pounds are charged at the same low rate. This lets you and your customers get the best bang for the buck. Service Area Where are your customers located? If you’re selling online, chances are that you have customers from all across the country, and you might even have international customers spanning the globe. That’s why you need to choose a small package shipping company that offers service to destinations worldwide. This lets you reach customers no matter where they are so you can make more sales and grow your home business. Additional Features Finally, you want to choose a small package shipping company that has those extra little features that create a better overall experience. Things like online order tracking, free online quotes, and expedited small package delivery are extra features that will help your home business create a better experience for your customers. 

Date: 10/8/2010

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