Best Practices for Shipping to Haiti

When you need shipping to Haiti, you should be aware that shipping internationally is different than domestic shipping. There’s more paperwork and more considerations you need to make. Without the right guidance, you might not know where to start. Thankfully, shipping to Haiti is actually easier than you might think. Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll get through the entire process quickly and easily. The first thing you need to decide is how you’re going to ship to Haiti. You can choose between air shipping and ocean freight shipping. For time-sensitive shipments, air shipping is usually the better option as your shipment can be delivered in just a couple of days. However, ocean freight shipping is often more economical, and it can be a good way to save money on bulk shipments that don’t need to be delivered in a haste. Once you’ve settled on a method, you need to find a shipping company who can carry it out. Not all companies offer regular shipping to Haiti, and many don’t have local facilities to give you the level of service you need. Look for a shipping company that maintains local facilities in Haiti. This means they’ll be able to process your shipments quickly, and it also indicates the shipping company has an intimate knowledge of how business is done locally in Haiti. Before you prepare your shipment, make sure you have all pertinent information on the recipient. Double check to ensure their name, address, and phone number are correct. This is important information that must be verified as it could be needed during the customs clearance process. It’s also good to have this information so you can coordinate delivery or pickup of your shipment when it arrives in Haiti. Of course, any time you ship something internationally, there’s going to be some extra paperwork involved. The exact documentation that needs to be completed hinges on the type of contents being shipped and their value. For example, if any single commodity you’re shipping is valued at over $2,500 USD, you’ll need to complete a Shipper’s Export Declaration. This documentation is required by the U.S. Government Agencies. They use the information to keep track of the country’s exporting activities. You may also be asked to complete other documentation based on the type of goods being shipped. Your shipping company should be able to identify everything you need to complete, and they may assist you in completing the documentation. Just make sure all information is correct as incorrect information could cause problems with your shipment. Finally, it’s important that you consider insuring your shipment. Haiti is a faraway destination, and your shipment could get damaged during the trip. Shipping insurance is inexpensive, but it’s a smart investment. It ensures that you get reimbursed if your cargo gets damaged or lost. Ask your shipping company which insurance options they offer. When you stick to these basic guidelines, you’ll find that shipping to Haiti is actually a very simple process. Just remember to choose an experienced shipping company, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Date: 10/1/2010

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