Your Guide to Successful Shipping to Guyana

Whenever you’re shipping to Guyana (or any other international destination for that matter), you want to ensure every step of the process is smooth and easy. It’s important that your shipment reaches its final destination quickly, safely, and without any hassle. What can you do to ensure success when shipping to Guyana? To be honest, it’s pretty simple. Stick to the tips in this article, and you can rest easy knowing your shipment will be delivered according to your standards. •  Get free shipping quotes online. Did you know you can compare shipping quotes from top providers in just minutes? It’s true. All you have to do is get online, find reputable shipping companies, and get instant quotes from each of them. Make sure you complete all shipping quote forms as accurately as possible so you get a correct quote. Compare all the quotes and features offered by the shipping company to find the best rate. • Choose an experienced shipping company. Who do you think can offer better service: a company that maintains facilities in Guyana and has been offering service there for years or a company that ships to Guyana only occasionally? Obviously, the first company is the better choice, and this is exactly what you should be looking for in your shipping company. Experience is important because the companies that have been shipping to Guyana for a long time understand the region and how best to get your shipment cleared and processed as quickly as possible. •  Pack your shipment as carefully as possible. Between the time you drop off your shipment and it’s delivered to Guyana, your package will go through several hands. It’s loaded, transported, inspected by customs, unloaded, and picked up by the recipient. If your shipment is packaged carefully, the chances of it getting damaged during all of this are pretty high. Please take the time to pack your shipment with care. Choose a sturdy shipping container, use plenty of packing materials, and label all fragile shipments. •  Complete all documentation for your shipment. When you’re shipping to Guyana and other international destinations, you’ll be required to complete additional shipping documentation. The required documentation varies based on the classification of the contents being shipped and their value. If you choose the right shipping company, they will assist you with completing required documentation to ensure it’s done correctly. • Purchase shipping insurance. Shipping insurance is always a smart investment. It’s typically inexpensive, and it’s the only way to get reimbursed if something damaging happened to your shipment. Make sure you read your shipping insurance policy carefully so you know how to properly file a claim if necessary. •  Monitor the status of your shipment. Most shipping companies offer online shipment tracking. This is helpful when shipping to Guyana because it allows you to easily coordinate pickup of the shipment. You’ll be able to see when your shipment is set to arrive, so the recipient knows exactly when to expect it. Shipping to Guyana is easy if you stick to these tips.

Date: 9/17/2010

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