How to be Successful with Small Package Shipping

Whenever you’re getting ready to send out a small package shipment, you want to make certain everything is handled correctly. You want to take all the steps necessary to ensure your shipment reaches its destination quickly and in good condition. How can you ensure small package shipping success? It’s actually easier than you might think. Just follow these 5 simple steps, and your shipment will get the care and attention it needs. Step #1: Choose a reputable small package shipping company Are all small package shipping companies the same? Absolutely not. Shipping companies are each very different from one another. The level of service they offer is different; their rates are different; and their experience is different too. What does this mean for you? It means you need to find an experienced shipping company that’s been handling small packages for a long time. It also means you need to find a small package shipping company that offers completive flat rates for the services they offer.Compare rates online so you can find the very best small package shipping deals. Step #2: Be careful when packing your shipment Make sure you take the time to package your shipment as carefully as possible. Whether you’re shipment is going only a few hundred miles or all the way across the globe, you need to pack it up properly to ensure the contents of the package are secured in place. Use the right packing materials in your shipment. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, and tissue paper are just a few packing materials for protecting your small package shipment. Step #3: Complete all required documentation accurately Any time you ship anything, there is always certain shipping documentation you’re responsible for completing. The exact documentation you need to complete depends on a few factors: shipment destination, type of contents being shipped, and value of your shipment. If you’re unsure of which documentation you need to complete or how exactly to complete it, ask your shipping company for assistance. The best small package shipping companies are happy to help you to ensure everything is handled correctly. Step #4: Purchase small package shipping insurance You should always invest in shipping insurance. Small package shipping insurance is very inexpensive, and it’s the only option you have for protecting yourself financially. When you have small package shipping insurance, you get reimbursed if your shipment is lost or damaged. Just always make sure you fully understand the details of your shipping insurance policy before you pay for it. This way, you know how to file a claim should anything happen to your shipment. Step #5: Track your shipment online Tracking your small package shipment makes it easier to coordinate pickup of the shipment when it arrives in its destination. The best shipping companies give you a tracking number you can easily enter online to monitor your shipment in real time. If you ship small packages on a regular basis, print out this article, and keep it nearby. When you follow these 5 simple steps, small package shipping is easy and stress free. Get started with your small package shipment today!

Date: 8/23/2010

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